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High speed When ships have to slow down to pass through narrow channels between islands, they are most at risk from a surprise attack from pirates, approaching in high speed motorboats or dinghies. Many pirates are heavily armed with machine-guns, knives, and mortars. Modern piracy •In 2002, 370 pirate attacks were reported across the world. •Most attacks occurred in the waters of Indonesia. •Most ships are attacked while at anchor. •There were 25 hijackings (or attempted ones) in 2002. 44 Pirates climb aboard using grappling hooks and ropes, or poles.

Kidd’s trial took place at the Old Bailey, London, in May 1701. Kidd’s ships •The Adventure Galley had 34 cannons and 150 crew. •After capturing the huge treasure ship, the Quedagh Merchant, Kidd used the ship to sail back to the Caribbean. •Kidd renamed the ship as the Adventure Prize. Accused At his trial, Kidd said his crew had forced him to loot the merchant ships. The crew members there denied this and Kidd was sentenced to hang as a pirate. Captured Kidd’s actions and failure angered the Mogul emperor further.

Hanged In 1701, Kidd was hanged at London’s Execution Dock. The first rope snapped, so he was hanged on the second attempt. His body was left to hang in chains along the River Thames for years. hat pirates’ maps, whe t y l e k i re “X” marks the spot of buried It’s l a r , e e j r u u s t s a a myth. tre 37 38 Punishment Before his hanging, a prisoner was measured for his gibbet cage. Gallows words Since early times, if pirates were caught and convicted then they faced execution. Privateers were imprisoned in dreadful conditions with little hope of ever being released.

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