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10 He declared that original political power resides in the people collectively or at least in its better (valentior) part. Another source of Wyclif's inspiration came from extreme factions of the Franciscan order 'Nith their emphasis on poverty. It is significant that the mendicant orders strongly supported Wyclif at the beginning of his activities. 1 1 As we shall see later in this book, there is a curious relationship between a misconceived notion of the monastic idea and the leftist currents in every age.

Of accepting secular forms of Christianity. It is not our task here to investigate the influence of Hus, Wyclif, and Marsilius on Luther and the first stage of the sixteenth-century Reformation. We have done this elsewhere. 22 It is important, however, to remember that the Reformation, contrary to an obsolete concept still surviving in English-speaking countries and finding its way into textbooks and films,23 was by no means the "beginning of liberalism" (genuine or fake), nor anything like the fulfillment of the Renaissance, but a late medieval and "monastic" reaction 24 against humanism and the spirit of the Renaissance.

We will not call it the Welfare State because every state exists for the welfare of its citizens; here a good name has been misused for a bad thing. In the final prophecy of Alexis de Tocqueville in Democracy in America the possibility, nay, the probability of the democratic state's totalitarian evolution toward the Provident State has been foretold with great accuracy. Here again two wishes of the leftist find their fulfillment, the extension of government and the dependence of the person upon the state which controls his destiny from the cradle to the grave.

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