By Holbrook J., Kim S.S.

Given a continual functionality f:[a, b] -> R that's differentiable on (a, b), the Mean-ValueTheorem (MVT) of easy calculus permits us to 'predict" a price of f'(x).Knowing simply the boundary values f(a) and f(b), we expect that f'((a,b))э(f(b)-f(a))/(b-a). might we now not count on a similar outcome for f:K -> R while okay is a.

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More genteel publications, such as Harper’s, Scribner’s, and Atlantic Monthly, sold for twenty-five to thirty-five cents a copy and were aimed at the moneyed and well-educated classes. But it was the low-cost periodicals that most effectively developed the mass OHR, MASS MEDIA, AND SELF-PROMOTION ◆ 35 market. The more economical Ladies Home Journal, Munsey’s, Cosmopolitan, and McClure’s asked only ten cents and less for a copy while retaining excellence and good illustration. ”4 Advertising in the Gilded Age was also a principal determinant of social trends and ideologies.

Paradoxically, this made northerners more apt to believe outlandish reports as long as they were dressed up in impressive jargon. Yankees were “easy targets for pseudoscientific explanations, for detailed descriptions of fictional machinery, for any fantasy that was couched in the bland neutrality of a technological vocabulary. . ” In this atmosphere of continual forward progress, it was often difficult to distinguish truth from falsehood, and deception became a form of entertainment. 23 Whistler, Hubbard, and Barnum together capture the essence of what marketing had become in the Gilded Age and constitute an effective template against which to compare Ohr.

7 Fully embracing this carnivalesque pageantry, Ohr did not simply present his work: he used his booth to stage a performance. He adorned his space with large, boastful signs, a tactic similarly employed at his Biloxi studio (plate 6). From far off, visitors could make out a chaotic exhibit cluttered with bulky posters. Up close, these billboards declared Ohr’s exquisite skills, inimitable creations, and challenges to prove him otherwise. His display at the Cotton States and International Exposition in Atlanta (plate 12) featured larger-than-life signage bearing such messages as: Biloxi Mississippi “Greatest” Art Potter On Earth “You Prove the Contrary” GEO.

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