By Jim Oaten

ISBN-10: 1897535082

ISBN-13: 9781897535080

Dodging down back-alleys in bomb-torn Beirut. Wheeling earlier God and site visitors in Mombassa, Kenya. Slipping round the edges of Alzheime's illness, the Gulf conflict, and the eternity of CNN.

Set someplace among right here and the heat-death of the universe, Jim Oaten's debut assortment serves up random samples of literal and literary fact scooped up at most sensible velocity. even if peeking out from the backseat of mother and Dad's automobile or surveying the dirty wings of psychological wards, Accelerated Paces hurdles that uneasy terrain among inventive truth and sincere fiction. those brief tales and items forget about borders as they jaunt thorough exterior journeys and inner voyages.

This is either inventive non-fiction and inventive fiction, which follows the belief of crossing obstacles and blurring borders. This assortment is an particular demonstration of ways the 2 genres interaction, of the way a non-fiction occasion can motivate a fictional piece, and, curiously adequate, the opposite as well.

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After all the nail-biting prep, the nervous nitpicking, list-checking, reserving, and packing, after the meat-packing-plant processing of security checks finally complete all their small humiliations, your shoulders slowly unfurl from all the pent-up stress and you realize that for two days, for two weeks, a month, or maybe more, everything you know is thousands of miles away, and none of it can touch you. And it’s at these times that alcohol, which has never, ever, done anyone any good, even at the best of times, becomes even more of a menace.

When Oppenheimer and his crew were lying out in that desert, watching that damn thing go off, they sure as hell weren’t thinking about classical Indian literature, that “I am become death” shit, that’s a fucking dinnertime story Oppenheimer came up with so he could still eat after he became a security risk. You know what they were thinking when they saw that big cloud shoot up into that empty sky, they were thinking “thank god it stopped” because they didn’t fucking know. The whole time they worked on that project, even when they pushed that button, they were dealing with the possibility that the chain reaction wouldn’t stop; that the explosion couldn’t be contained and that the whole damn universe would go up in one blinding flash of light, and they pushed it anyhow … and that’s what these guys do to you, Gina.

Like most people, the details of my formal education vanished long ago. The course listings in faded transcripts spark as much recognition as Aramaic: Introduction to Micro-Economics? Huh? Communication as a Social and Biological Function? Who dat? And that was me who wrote those essays? I knew that? No way. I don’t recall 1998 at all either. The bulk of this stuff doesn’t matter, of course. Most of it’s trivial, and the rest I can look up on the internet (used to solve equations in which exponents are unknown, logarithms and their scales are often used to plot basic physical and biological processes, the Richter scale, for example … Canada’s 14th Prime Minister, Lester Pearson won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1957 … Richard Dreyfuss … thanks, Google).

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