By Elizabeth Sharman

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Which of these forms of communi cation existed before the Ell Discuss . Is the list on page 44 a fair summary of world 1970s? Reading IIIRead the text. Which form of media is covered in each paragraph? Which form of media isn't covered? events of the 20th century, or is it too 'Ame rican'? What were the important 20th century events 'or your country? Writing o Write your own list of top ten 20th century events. either for the world or for your own country. Links I/Vif:h f:he p a s f: rcprc III Jamaican history Countries a Jam aica vocabulary g Wo rdbu ildinq Lin ks l:I 2f .

F sea exploration, discovery and military victory, London's most famous a landmark w~s built by William the Conqueror in 1078, bUt,ltS best- r known historical connections are with the Tude of Henry VIII's six wives, Anne monarc hs. ge built by nativ_e_B_ri_to_n_s_ ---,-_ _ Roman invasion of Britain under Julius Caesar . Norman invasion of Britain under ..... ".. :! : ngland _ _~ _ 1553-1558 Before you read El The people and places in the pictures are all important in English history. Can you identify any of them?

It's my home -r lcve it or hate it' backqround a the ty pe of hom e and family t hat someone has _ _ _.. and country Before y'o u read O The places in the photos on page JO are all in Lnndon. Can you identily anyof them? Can youthink of any otherfamous places in london? mRead the postcard andfind out: 1. the name of the village. 2. where it is. 3. how manypeople live there. what facilit ies it has got. Reading El lmJ Read Ali's essay. Match the paragraphs A-I with these topics. Conclusion .......

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