By Douglas William Freshfield

Mark Twain as soon as famously acknowledged "there used to be yet one solitary factor in regards to the earlier worthy remembering, and that was once the truth that it's previous and cannot be restored."  good, over contemporary years, The British Library, operating with Microsoft has launched into an formidable programme to digitise its choice of nineteenth century books.

There at the moment are 65,000  titles on hand  (that's a tremendous 25 million pages) of fabric starting from works through well-known names resembling  Dickens, Trollope and Hardy in addition to many forgotten literary gemstones , all of that can now be published on call for and acquired here on Amazon.

Further info at the British Library and its digitisation programme are available at the British Library website.

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Across the Country from Thonon to Trent. Rambles and Scrambles In Switzerland and the Tyrol by Douglas William Freshfield

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