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"Advanced keep watch over of commercial tactics offers the strategies and algorithms of complicated commercial procedure keep watch over and online optimisation in the framework of a multilayer constitution. really easy unconstrained nonlinear fuzzy keep watch over algorithms and linear predictive keep an eye on legislation are lined, as are extra concerned limited and nonlinear version predictive keep an eye on (MPC) algorithms and online set-point Read more...

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2. 9) 16 1 Multilayer Control Structure k10 = 9000 k20 = 35000 [ 1 ] min E1 E2 = 4000 < = 5200 [K] R R J J while reaction heats are known and are h1 [ kg ] and h2 [ kg ], respectively. 3. The influence of the shaft work and the heat exchange with the environkg ment are negligible. Moreover, the same mass densities ρ [ m 3 ] and heat capacities cw [ KJkg ] of all mixture components and of the mixture itself are assumed – to simplify the process modeling. 4. The mean temperature Thm of the heating medium at the input and at the output of the heat exchanger pipe is taken as a driving force of the heat exchange.

Modeling of the controlled plant in a multilayer structure Let us note that the higher the layer, the less detailed and more aggregated the model used, possessing slower dynamics, or even static. For the considered control layer, the plant with all the lower layers is a certain “actuating system”, which should enforce decisions of this layer. For example, in Fig. 3 the “actuating system”, consisting of the plant together with the direct control systems, forces the controlled variables yc to keep to the values c = (cd , cf ).

3) should of course be completed by a set of appropriate initial conditions, essential for formal analytical considerations or any numerical calculations. 3). 7) In the multilayer structure each layer controls in fact the same plant, but each one does it in a different way. The direct control layer is the only one with direct access to the process manipulated inputs. It obtains measurements of all available output variables which are significant for the stabilization and safe operation of the plant, first of all the measurements of the output variables which change faster and decide on the possibility of a quick reaction of direct feedback control systems.

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