By Istvan Berczi (auth.), Istvan Berczi, Judith Szélenyi (eds.)

ISBN-10: 1475791046

ISBN-13: 9781475791044

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The Pioneering Contributions of Hans Selye, Miklos Jancso and AndoeSzentivanyi to Psychoneuroimmunology: The Immune-Neuroendocrine Circuitry-The subsequent, and probably, the final Frontier of Vertebrate Immunity; A. Szentivanyi, C.M. Abarca.HormonalImmunoregulation:The position of development and Lactogenic Hormones: Prolactin as an Immunomodulatory Hormone; E. Nagy, I. Berczi. Immunoregulation by way of the ACTH-adrenal Axis. Neuroendocrine and Metabolic results of Cytokines. intercourse Hormones. Pathological facets of Endocrine-Immune Interactions. NeuralInfluences at the Immune Systemand on Inflammation: Immunomodulation by means of Neurotransmitters and Neuropeptides: Substance P, Immunity and irritation of the Intestinal Mucosa; A. Stanisz. Neuroregulation of irritation and allergy. Behavioral Modulation of Immunity: pressure, Immune functionality, and illness: Mechanisms of Stressinduced Host Defence adjustments; A. Kusnecov, B.S. Rabin>Aging:Neuroimmunology of Aging: Plasticity of Neuroendocrine-Immune Interactions in the course of getting older; N.Fabris, et al. 26 extra articles. Index.

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Ever since the presentation of the ~ -adrenergic theory of atopy and asthma, Szentivanyi remained faithful to the idea that the major pathomechanism underlying these diseases is related to the malfunction of the ~ -adrenergic signalling pathway. This common thread runs through virtually all of his numerous papers, reviews, book chapters and it is the subject of some of the 18 books he published. ;37, 109 (e) clinical studies on asthma and related conditions. 12,15,22,25,28,49,51-53,72,llO-121 He discovered that ~ -adrenergic subsensitivity does exist in patients with atopic dermatitis who never received adrenergic medication and, therefore, the therapeutic desensitization with adrenalin cannot account for the dysfunctional ~ -system.

B) Both the nervous and endocrine systems are involved (Le. adrenalin and glucocorticoids) in the induction of these metabolic changes. (c) The function ofjl-adrenergic receptors is altered as the consequence of immunization which leads to increased sensitivity to inflammatory mediators such as histamine and serotonin. That immunization could alter metabolism or significantly affect neural transmission was unheard of at the time. ,,9 In this article he argues that bronchial asthma, whether it is due to "extrinsic" or "intrinsic" causes, is ultimately elicited by the same mediators such as histmaine, serotonin, acetylcholine, slow reacting substances and plasma kinins.

Vii) The Schultz-Dale test, which was performed with small pieces of intestine of the animals in vitro, was also inhibited if the donors were subjected to TEL. (viii) The Arthus reaction, turpentine induced inflammation and the SanarelliSchwartzmann phenomenon were uneffected by TBL. (ix) Lesions inflicted in other areas of the hypothalamus or the central nervous system had no influence on any of the above listed parameters. (x) Instead of inflicting lesions, electrical stimulation of the mamillary region of the hypothalamus had an inhibitory effect on the anaphylactic response and increased the resistance of animals to histamine.

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