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62,499-503(1970). : Particle fractionation and particle-size analysis. In: Methods of Analysis, Part I. Agronomy 9,545-566 (1965). : Residual nitrate nitrogen in fertilized deep loess-derived soils. Agron. J. 6 0 , 4 7 7 4 8 2 (1968). /. Environ. Qual 3 , 78-82 (1974). : Fertilizer nitrogen and crop rotation in relation to movement of nitrate nitrogen through soil profiles. Soil Sei. Soc. Am. Proc. 34,448452(1970). : Yields of·forages, leaching of nitrate and nitrogen balances in an irrigated field treated with dry and liquid manures.

F. Pratt et al. sprinkler system for a longer period at each irrigation. The net effect of denitrification versus leaching might have been different if the increased water had been obtained by more frequent irrigations. The nitrate-chloride ratio in the saturation extract plotted as a function of depth is presented in Fig. 1 for the three soils for the low irrigation treatment. These soils were treated with the same amounts of chloride, and amounts of nitrogen removed in harvested crops were nearly the same.

Nitrogen dioxide seemed to have a high stability relative to the other N compounds, although little attention has been paid to its occurrence as an intermediate product in the nitrate reduction chain. It has been said that most of the N0 2 is biologically produced NO which is slowly being oxidized to N0 2 (Robinson and Robbins, 1970). It should be borne in mind that the presented data resulting from the thermodynamic calculations do not give any answer to questions on the velocity of reaching equilibrium.

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