By Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

ISBN-10: 0880505028

ISBN-13: 9780880505024

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And still you want to be transformed. Then you are in a double bind, then you are split. Two Masters can only mean a deep split in you. I am not here to create schizophrenia. No, one cannot have two Masters -- one is more than enough! JOHN THE BAPTIST NEARLY DROWNED HIS DISCIPLES WHEN BAPTIZING THEM. That's the only way to baptize. You ask me: IS THIS TYPE OF EXPERIENCE SOMETHING THROUGH WHICH A DISCIPLE MUST PASS? Yes, it is a must. Unless the disciple passes through it he never becomes a devotee.

Now this woman simply proves that she is a big-mouth, nothing else! Nobody else has felt offended. A joke is a joke! But why are you so touchy? Now this woman must have a big mouth. and again that big mouth comes in. Don't take jokes seriously. In fact, don't take anything seriously. You miss the point if you start taking things seriously. Even scriptures have to be taken non-seriously; only then can you understand. Understanding has to be with a deep, relaxed, non-serious, playful attitude. When you become serious you become tense.

But, still, names are names. There is an ancient Chinese ceremony in which the parents of a child choose the baby's name: as soon as the baby is born, all the cutlery in the house of its parents is thrown in the air. The parents then listen to the falling knives, forks, and spoons and choose a name -- Ping, Chang, Tang, Fung, Chung.... That's also perfectly right! That seems to be a wise way to find out the name, as if God himself has chosen. And that's how I go on choosing your names. Do you think there is much esoteric, secret knowledge behind it?

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