By Y. Nakamura (auth.), H.P.J. Wijn (eds.)

ISBN-10: 3540177442

ISBN-13: 9783540177449

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Since 1970 a number of volumes of the Landolt-Börnstein New sequence have seemed that are dedicated to, or at the least comprise, the magnetic homes of a few targeted teams of gear. quantity 19 of staff III (Crystal and strong kingdom Physics) offers with the magnetic homes of metals, alloys and steel compounds containing at the very least one transition point. the quantity of data on hand has turn into so monstrous that a number of subvolumes are had to hide all of it. the 1st subvolumes take care of the intrinsic magnetic homes, i. e. these magnetic houses which count merely at the chemical composition and the crystal constitution. info at the homes which additionally depend upon the education of the samples measured, as for example, skinny motion pictures or amorphous alloys and the magnetic alloys utilized in technical functions, could be compiled within the final subvolumes of the sequence. the 1st subvolume, III/19 a, seemed in 1986. It covers the magnetic houses of metals and alloys of the 3d, 4d and 5d transition parts. the second one subvolume, III/19 b (1987), covers the magnetic houses of the binary steel alloys and compounds of 3d transition parts with the weather of workforce 1B, 2B and 3B of the Periodic process. the current subvolume III/19 c completes the survey of the magnetic info of the metal compounds of d transition-elements with parts of the most teams of the Periodic process of the weather. the most important teams of ternary compounds, i. e. the Heusler alloys and the compounds with perovskite constitution, are being handled in separate chapters.

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135. (Fe, -,Mn&,Ge. Magnetization at 9 kOe and inverse magnetic susceptibility vs. temperature [67 K 11. Fig. 137. (Fe, -XMnJ,,,Ge. Ferromagnetic moment at 9 kOe extrapolated to OK and squared effective paramagnetic moment vs. composition [67 K I]. Fed@ Land&-Biirnstein New Series 111/19c. 1, x-----c [Ref. p. 71 Ni,Ge Fig. 138. Fe,-,Ni,Ge. Room-temperature lattice constantsof beeand fee phasevs. Ni content [84 K 11. Fe,Ge ,:;I:“’ b-Y 400 I Fig. 139. Fe, -,NixGe. Averagemagneticmomentper transition metal atom at OK and 10kOe vs.

Mn concentration [84N I]. 1 Fe-C, Si a L 100 200 I- 300 1-1 400 500 I I- 600 . I7 I 700 800 1 L’ -1 I-. I [Ref. p. 71 I -51 900 1000K 1100 60 120 180 I- b 2LO K 300 Fig. 118. Fe, -,Co,Si. -1 [69S2]. 0 30 90 60 120 kOe 150 H- Fig. 119. Fe, -,Co,Si. Tempcratorc dcpcndencc of the magnetization at 8 kOe and the reciprocal of the magnetic susceptibility [72S 11. Fig. 120. Fe, -,Co,Si. 2 K [79 B 11. Nakamura Magnetization vs. magnetic Landoh-B6mslein New Series 111’19~ Ref. p. 0 CoSi Fig. 121. Fe, -,Co,Si.

Temperature. (b) Inverse magnetic susceptibility vs. temperature for x = 3.. 5 [70 N I]. Land&-BGmstein New Series 111/19c. Nakamura [Ref. p. 1 Fe-C, Si 38 90 Gcm3 9 60 I b 30 0 4 8 12 kOe 16 H- Fig. 106. Fe, -,Mn,Si,. 4K vs. S [70N 11. 1200 K 1500 900 lFig. 107. FeSi. Temperature dependence of (a) the magnetic susceptibility and (b) the inverse magnetic susceptibility. 88with ~;r in mol/cm-3 and T in K [Sl T 1). 5 I I Xm- Fig. 110. FeSi. Knight shift of the 29Si NMR vs. magnetic susceptibility, with temperatureas the implicit parameterbctwecn 100and 300K.

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