By Donna Cunningham

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Discarding the fatalism and boundaries of conventional event-oriented astrology, this booklet is characterised via its sleek, leading edge, and common sense process. In transparent, unpretentious language, Ms. Cunningham explores the deeper meanings of the planets, homes, points, and transits, emphasizing self-understanding, own development, and the significance of accepting accountability for oneself. She provides the reader particular instruments to paintings with in employing astrology to one's personal lifestyles. This ebook furthers the improvement of a good, useful language with which old astrological symbols could be understood in smooth phrases.

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The Moon in your chart shows the conditions under which you would feel most emotionally secure—different for each of us. The house position of the Moon reveals more detail about conditions that lend a sense of security. A person with the Moon in the eleventh house would feel most secure when surrounded by friends or in some meaningful group. Someone with the Moon in the seventh usually only feels secure when involved in a long-term, intimate relationship. The sign and house position can conflict—to have it in Aquarius means there is security in freedom and change.

After a description of the pitfalls ascribed to it, they are asked to write down examples of how it has been operating in their lives over the past week or two. The only thing is, the experiment would be conducted at a time when Mercury was not retrograde at all, but direct and clipping right along. I'm willing to bet that, by power of suggestion, nearly every person in that room would come up several juicy textbook examples of Mercury retrograde situations. That's not to say that there's nothing to it…there are things I simply could not be induced to do in those periods, like buy software or communications equipment.

Astrology is not meant to be used to judge and condemn, but to uplift and enlighten. That is why Uranus, the planet of astrology, is exalted in Scorpio, the sign of regeneration. Venus and the Outer Planets — Challenges in Personal Love While tough aspects between Venus and the inner planets can show difficulties in relating, they are nothing compared to the difficulties that can arise when Venus is in hard aspect to the outer planets—Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. ) I find the conjunctions to Venus the most difficult, but all such aspects can indicate trouble in forming relationships.

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