By Gerard Clauson

ISBN-10: 0198641125

ISBN-13: 9780198641124

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T. uwut- R I 1786, uvut- Koru. I217 (optiiriir, 6ptiirme:k): Gag. xv ff. Bpdilr- Caus. f. btisdnidan 'to order 276; see yubat-. Xak. XI K B seve baktt . e r s e s e n ozni avtt 'if it looks lovingly at to kiss' San. 5 7 ~ 29. you, take comfort' I 35 ; yok e r s e m i g edgiin T r i s . ABD a v ~ t g uk e r e k 'if he is not [to blame] you must comfort him with countless Itindnesses' 642; D evdindi: Hap.

I. V. SW Sag. Sami San. Sang Yujj. Sec. Shaw Shcherbak Shnit. sic Studies Suci Suff. Suv. syn. W. $ SS Sor Su. survives only in. see SKPAW. (Latin) sub woce, 'under the word . ' south-western language group, para. 62. Sagay, N E language, para. 57. $eyh Sami, para. 62. Sanglax, para. 34 (3). Sang Yugur, modern S E language, para. 58. Secondary (form). R. B. Shaw, para. 58. A. M. Shcherbak, para. 64 (5). B. N. para. 59. (Latin) sic, 'thus'. Turkish and Mongolian Studies, para. I. Suci inscription, para.

Bi1e:gii: 'whetstone'; most of the remainder are Conc. g. g. 02la:gu: 'gently nurtured'; it appears in crasis in words like ertigii: and yaku:. ; attached only to Refl. s (and tin-); prob. a crasis of -iq etc. which seems not to be attached to Refl. s in the early period ; common. ) in bosgeq, a Conc. I. in the early period but commoner later; perhaps merely a Sec. f. of -&I$. g. blqguq; rare; also a Den. Suff. g. t u t m a q ; rare. s, and Conc. s which are usually Active; rare. g. s, etc. ; very rare and obsolescent.

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