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B: Mary’s boyfriend. Mary is not at home. Dialogue: A : Hello. B: Hello. Is that Mrs Campbell? A: Yes. Who’s that? B: John. A : Oh, yes. B: Is Mary there? A : No, sorry. B : Oh, thank you. Teaching language skills 21 A : Goodbye. B: Goodbye. ) From the beginning, then, this kind of practice not only trains students to speak in certain situations, but also means consolidating structure, vocabulary and idiom in an interesting way, while getting students to express realistic personal attitudes - an essential aim of language teaching.

D isc u ssio n 1 What have you got to keep in mind if you are going to use oral drills effectively? 2 What are the respective advantages and disadvantages of using individual, pair or chorus work with drills? E x e r c is e s 1 Write a short dialogue for a late elementary class to introduce the use of ‘didn’t’ with main verbs. 2 Work out ways of presenting the following: (a) ‘under’ and ‘above’ used as static prepositions of place (b) ‘some’ and ‘any’ in questions (c) ‘has/have got’. Teaching structural patterns 43 3 Think of a short description or story you would use if you were presenting ‘I’ve just’ to a class of children aged 12-14.

Thus, ‘I’m ‘eating’, ‘drinking’, etc. can all be introduced effectively 34 An Introduction to English Language Teaching with mime; ‘must’ can be made clearer and more imperious with a pointing figure. ’ ‘I can’t lift the radiator/carpet/door, etc. 6. Descriptions or narrative texts You can produce a story or description with structure and vocabulary that the students already know, but introducing a new structure that is unfamiliar to them. This can be done very simply at an early stage. For instance, you want to introduce comparatives of adjectives to a group of Spaniards, so you produce a passage with general comparisons between Spain and Britain: ‘The sun shines more in Spain than it does in Britain.

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