By Paul Foster Case

Paul Foster Case (1884-1954) was once some of the most revered of the yank occultists within the early twentieth century. ''An creation to the learn of Tarot'' was once initially released in 1920 and has been a number one introductory advisor for all with an curiosity within the Tarot.

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The abode of Spirit,” or Prakriti conceived as the vehicle of Purusha. When we see that Prakriti is a vehicle, and not a separate entity, we perceive that, from moment to moment, throughout all time, it is always being transformed. Hence the sixteenth trump represents a process that continues during the entire course of manifestation. ”8 The falling figures correspond to the chained prisoners of the fifteenth card. They fall headfirst, because the sudden influx of spiritual consciousness suggested by the lightning flash completely upsets all our old notions of the relations between Purusha and Prakriti, and these two are Purusha and Prakriti as the objective and subjective modes of human consciousness.

That equilibrium is also implied by the number 21, which combines 2, the duad, or Matter, with 1, the monad, or Spirit. The same idea is suggested by the ancient form of the letter Tau, to which the World corresponds. This was a cross, in which the vertical line denoted Spirit, and the horizontal line, Matter. Spirit is the subject of manifestation, Purusha; Matter is the object, Prakriti. The quadrature of the circle, then, in the language of occult psychology, is the merging of the subjective and objective modes of consciousness into that higher consciousness, transcending subject and object, which is the Goal of all mystical aspiration.

Again, the mathematical properties of 9 are similar to those of 0. Multiply any number by 9, and the product gives 9 as the least number of its reduction. Substitute 9 for 0 in a complex number, and the reduction will give the same least number. Thus 259 reduces to 7, and so does 250. Hence, in reducing a complex number composed of several figures, 9 is regarded the same as 0, and only the other figures are added to find the least number. Finally, the extension of 9 is 45, which reduces to 9, so that 9, like 0, always produces itself by evolution.

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