By G. J. Chaitin (auth.), Stig I. Andersson (eds.)

ISBN-10: 3540588434

ISBN-13: 9783540588436

This quantity constitutes the documentation of the complex direction on research of Dynamical and Cognitive platforms, held throughout the summer season college of Southern Stockholm in Stockholm, Sweden in August 1993.
The quantity includes 8 rigorously revised complete models of the invited three-to-four hour displays in addition to abstracts. as a result of the interdisciplinary subject, numerous features of dynamical and cognitive structures are addressed: there are 3 papers on computability and undecidability, 5 tutorials on varied points of common mobile neural networks, and shows on dynamical platforms and complexity.

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Analysis of Dynamical and Cognitive Systems: Advanced Course Stockholm, Sweden, August 9–14, 1993 Proceedings by G. J. Chaitin (auth.), Stig I. Andersson (eds.)

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