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Do not store user accounts and passwords in the database tables unless absolutely necessary. If it is necessary to store passwords in the database tables, then encrypt the passwords. Database administration privilege (delete, insert, select and update) access shall be limited to the operator’s authorized database administrator role. All access to restricted or confidential data through analytical or utility applications that lack access controls shall to be managed through the operating system and/or database access control functions.

With the exception of kiosks, all users shall authenticate to the network before gaining access to any network resources. SCADA computers should be periodically audited and updated for security patches and hot-fixes. All network device ACLs shall be documented. Documentation shall include the purpose of each rule, interdependencies, and security considerations addressed. Where security requirements have not been defined, no connections are allowed without explicit, documented review and approval.

The operator should manage the network by monitoring network traffic and general activity, avoid the use of unmanaged devices, and monitor network usage and traffic patterns. The operator should periodically review network log files, error messages, and other events to track potential security breaches or other anomalous activity. The process of managing network devices can be enhanced by appropriate tools. 1 Network Monitoring While no universally accepted best practices exist for network monitoring in a SCADA or control system, implementing a combination of technologies in addition to firewalls is necessary to enhance network security and management.

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