By Janet Gyatso, Parul Dave Mukherji

ISBN-10: 0691011109

ISBN-13: 9780691011103

An research into what's identified in Tibet as "secret autobiography", a literary style that offers a private exploration of intimate non secular reports. The textual content specializes in the key autobiographies by means of the Tibetan Buddhist visionary, Jigme Lingpa (1730-1798), whose writings are as a lot the character of his personal identification, reminiscence and the undecidabilities of autobiographical fact as they're narrations of the particular content material of his personal studies. The publication examines the questions of why Tibetan Buddhists produced such a lot of autobiographies, and the way autobigraphical self-assertion is feasible even whereas Buddhists think that the self is finally an phantasm. additionally explored are Jigme Lingpa's historic milieu, his revelatory visions of the traditional Tibetan dynasty, and his mediative practices of non-public cultivation

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Ema! In a name ~tiation, Lord Great Guru blessed me as Padma of Great Power, one of those Six Padma-Tongued Brothers, who were prophesied as the holders of this teaching. " On my right thumb, manifestly. there are figures distinct from certain angles, such as a hya and a hn, and so forth. DANCING MOON IN THE WATER 19. 35 [Once,] during that period I thought that the protectress of the Gongdu, the wild Flesh-Eating Great Femme of Hor, was approaching from Chimpu, the holy Site of Speech. Medicine Lady, [her hair] in braided rows of tUrquoise, came straight up in front of me, together with an immeasurable retinue.

30 DANCING MOON IN THE WATER This was definitely an indication that I could hold the vital wind of the sky. "Reaching the level" is even in the explanatory texts. Up to this point have been [recounted] the delusive apparitions of my twenty-eighth yeara mirror of illusion. Concerning [my vision of] the paradise, one should insert here [the account in] l)iikki's Grand Secret-Talk. 13. In the year of the Ox Wrapped in Clothes of Fire on the tenth day of the Miracles month I remembered Venerable Father Orgyan, from my heart.

With regard to the present context, it is said in [the work] known as Liberation from the Bardo's Ravine, by Yangonpa, When the corpse is to be cremated and so forth, it is desirable for it to be burnt soon. It is not desirable for it not to be burnt. It is desirable for it to disappear soon. If it is left around for a long time, one wedges back in through the mouth and nose, and if the rotting and odors are smelled, it causes much suffering. Generating great hatred for all of those who are not grieving over oneself, one comes to have an unpleasant experience.

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