By N. D. Chatterjee

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Thermodynamic therapy of mineral equilibria, a subject matter important to mineralogical thermodynamics, will be traced again to the tum of the century, while J. H. Van't Hoff and his affiliates pioneered in using thermodynamics to the mineral assemblages saw within the Stassfurt salt deposit. even though different well known researchers joined forces to strengthen the topic - H. E. Boeke even attempted to popularize it via giving an summary of the early advancements in his "Grundlagen der physikalisch-chemischen Petrographie", Berlin, 1915 - it remained, more often than not, an esoteric topic for almost all of the modern geological neighborhood. obvious that approach, mineralogical thermodynamics got here of age over the last 4 many years, and developed very swiftly right into a mainstream self-discipline of geochemistry. It has contributed greatly to our realizing of the section equilibria of mineral platforms, and has helped placed mineralogy and petrology on a company quantitative foundation. within the wake of those advancements, educational curricula now require the scholars of geology to take a path in easy thermodynamics, typically provided by way of the departments of chemistry. construction on that beginning, a supplementary path is mostly provided to familiarize the scholars with varied mineralogical purposes of thermo­ dynamics. This publication attracts from the author's adventure in giving one of these path, and has been adapted to cater to people who have had a prior publicity to the fundamental options of chemical thermodynamics.

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Thermodynamic therapy of mineral equilibria, a subject matter valuable to mineralogical thermodynamics, might be traced again to the tum of the century, whilst J. H. Van't Hoff and his affiliates pioneered in utilizing thermodynamics to the mineral assemblages saw within the Stassfurt salt deposit. even though different popular researchers joined forces to enhance the topic - H.

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1979). 26) . 5 To] +"2C[l T~ +"2e [2 T - 2] To + IT- 3)] dT 1] - T2 1 + 3'f [ T~ 1] - T3 . 27) Given S0298 and COp(T), SOT is thus easily evaluated for a desired temperature. 15 and T, Eq. 28) with dSo tr representing the entropy of transition. In the event of a A-transition, procedures analogous to those discussed above may be employed. 3 displays the result obtained by simulating the A-transition in quartz as a first order phase transition. The standard entropy, SOT' computed from the numerical integration of Co p(T){T reveals an inflection point at 844 K, commensurate to the maximum on the Co p(T){T curve of the upper diagram.

In this chapter we shall be concerned with the former, Chapter 8 providing an example of the latter. The prerequisite for measuring the dGo T is the availability of an appropriate galvanic cell, in which the desired reaction takes place electrochemically. For measurements at low temperatures, aqueous electrolyte galvanic cells are used, while, at high temperatures, the solid electrolyte sensors (CaO- or Y20rdoped zr0 2) are employed to construct those cells. 18) z, denoting the number of electrons involved in cell transfer, and F, the Faraday constant (96487 J Volt- I mol-I).

The micro cline structure is characterized by an ordered Al/Si distribution, the high sanidine by a random mixing of these ions over all four T -sites. 75, respectively. 70 J K-I mol-I. 5) Consequently, the S0298 of high sanidine and microcline, quoted by Robie et al. 7 J K-I mol-I. so~. 2) o Another problem encountered in deriving So 298 data of mineral end-members deserves to be mentioned. A typical low-temperature COp measurement by adiabatic calorimetry requires nearly 50 g of material. 2 Outlines of Some Calorimetric Methods 37 many calorimetric runs are executed on samples of natural materials.

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