By Alfred Auslender, Marc Teboulle

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Nonlinear utilized research and specifically the comparable ?elds of constant optimization and variational inequality difficulties have passed through significant advancements over the past 3 a long time and feature reached adulthood. A pivotal function in those advancements has been performed through convex research, a wealthy zone masking a large variety of difficulties in mathematical sciences and its purposes. Separation of convex units and the Legendre–Fenchel conjugate transforms are primary notions that experience laid the floor for those fruitful advancements. different primary notions that experience contributed to creating convex research a strong analytical software and that haveoftenbeenhiddeninthesedevelopmentsarethenotionsofasymptotic units and features. the aim of this publication is to supply a scientific and finished account of asymptotic units and capabilities, from which a extensive and u- ful idea emerges within the components of optimization and variational inequa- ties. there's a number of motivations that led mathematicians to check questions revolving round attaintment of the in?mum in a minimization challenge and its balance, duality and minmax theorems, convexi?cation of units and services, and maximal monotone maps. In these kind of themes we're confronted with the relevant challenge of dealing with unbounded situations.

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By definition of g, there exist sequences {dk } ⊂ Rn and {tk } ∈ R such that f (tk dk ) , tk → ∞, dk → d, k→∞ tk g(d) = lim and since (d, µ) ∈ epi g, it follows from the definition of the limit that ∀ε > 0 and all k ∈ N sufficiently large, we have f (tk dk ) ≤ (µ + ε)tk and hence zk := tk (dk , µ + ε) ∈ epi f . Since t−1 k zk → (d, µ + ε), it follows that (d, µ + ε) ∈ (epi f )∞ , and therefore since (epi f )∞ is a closed set and ε > 0 ✷ was arbitrary, we also have (d, µ) ∈ (epi f )∞ . 1 For a nonempty set C ⊂ Rn one has (δC )∞ = δC∞ .

2, this implies that y+λ¯ x ∈ C, ∀λ > 0. 1, there exists some ray of direction x ¯, which is a boundary ray or an asymptote of C, in contradiction to the hypothesis of the theorem. We now prove the reverse statement. Suppose that σC is continuous, and there exist some ray y and a direction x ¯ such that the set D = {¯ x +λy| λ ≥ 0} is a boundary ray or an asymptote. 15) inf a, z ≥ b, sup a, x ≤ b. z∈D x∈C Let us prove that σC is not continuous at a. 15) that a, y ≥ 0. Suppose that D is a boundary ray.

M, be nonempty closed sets. Supm pose that zi ∈ (Ci )∞ with i=1 zi = 0 implies that zi = 0 ∀i = 1, . . , m. 2 concerns a closedness criterion of the set of convex combinations of a finite number of nonempty closed sets Ci , i = 1, . . , m, of Rn . Define the following two sets: m S := x ∈ Rn | x = λi xi , λ ∈ ∆m , xi ∈ Ci , i = 1, . . 9) i=1 where λi ∗ xi := λi xi , xi , with xi ∈ Ci if λi > 0, with xi ∈ (Ci )∞ if λi = 0, and ∆m denotes the simplex in Rm . 5 For a finite collection of nonempty closed sets Ci ⊂ Rn , i = 1, .

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