By Ishida Akira, James Davies

The authors lay down a couple of transparent ideas, then wade through a wealth of examples and difficulties from expert play, supplying you with an intensive seize of ways to settle on process, how you can execute dual-purpose assaults, the best way to strength your opponent into submission or cooperation, how one can invade and decrease territorial frameworks, and while to struggle a ko.

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Black to play. This time the position is from an amateur game. What should Black's strategy be? 43 Dia. 9. Black should play to split the two white groups exposed in the lower half of the board. Black 1 looks like the best attack; with the groups farther apart, a play on the midline between them would not be so severe. If White replies at 2, Black keeps him divided with 3. We have been stressing that to attack does not necessarily mean to kill, but in this case there is a chance that one of the white groups will actually die.

Dia. l. White to play and attack the black group on the right. Dia. 2. This is a clear case for the angle tesuji. Dia. 3. If Black crawls with 1 and 3 White draws back as shown. Black cannot get more than one eye along the right edge (Black a , White b for example) and there is a good chance that his entire group will die. Dia. 4. (next page) If Black plays 1 and 3 on top, White can shift to a leaning attack at 4. Once again, Black cannot get more than one eye on the right edge. Dia. 5. Black's strongest, or at least trickiest, defense is 1, which makes miai of 2 and 3.

This looks like Dia. 4, but there are two important differences. The first is that Black's group is not as solid as White made it before: consider White a for example. The second is that White 1 is left in a strong, not a weak position. This result is much better for White. Dia. 6. (next page ) Rather than descend, Black will more likely 60 respond with a jump like 2 in the center, so as to defend against White a, but once again it is clear that White has a better result than in Dias. 2 to 4. Black's group is still loose and devoid of eye shape.

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