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Something is yours, in the event you basically wish it not easy adequate. simply ponder it. whatever. try out it. try out it in earnest and you'll prevail. it's the operation of a amazing legislation. Does that sound like whatever from the newest spin-off of the key? in truth, these phrases have been written in 1900 through William Walter Atkinson, the fellow who authored the 1st publication at the “Law of appeal.

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It drew a six-foot wide curtain across the front of the platform, near where I stood. Another creature took up the opposite edge and they hovered in front of me, as the curtain became a private big screen TV. I wanted to stare at the creatures that defied description but the movie began and caught my attention as footage of horrible scenes emerged. From an aerial view, I saw a crowd of high school students running, scattering out of the line of fire. The scene followed one student in particular who looked like he had been shot.

The process is concerned with establishing our identity. The outcome is focused on achieving destiny. No identity, no destiny. There is no future without process. It is the process that makes us rich. Because He sees our potential for destiny and then speaks it to us, God begins to deal with us from the viewpoint of destiny perceived rather than destiny pronounced. Personal prophecy relates more to the possibility rather than the inevitability of fulfillment. All personal prophecy is conditional upon response and obedience.

If we see Him as judgmental and vengeful, we will sit back and do nothing, or act only on behalf of our families and those we love. I felt the Holy Spirit tell me that 2001 was the beginning of a new era and that I should obtain the credentials I needed to be able to walk onto any disaster site or any US military base around the world and be an agent of peace and healing. True to God’s word, He backed it up with the divine appointments and connections that I needed to obtain the credentials to extend His presence and love to others.

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