By Sheng-De Ge (auth.), Professor Dr. med. G. Björn Stark, Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Raymund Horch, Dr. med. Eszter TÁczos (eds.)

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ISBN-13: 9783642643477

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The engineering of skin tissue and the development of a skin substitute has been studied from a variety of approaches. The acellular collagen-chondroitin sulphate material proposed by Yanas, Burke, and co-workers represented one of the first attempts at engineering a dermal component to substitute the volume of missing tissue [2-11]. Epidermal replacement with in vitro cultured autologous keratinocytes was first performed by Gallico and coworkers to closed burn wounds [12-14]. Bell and co-workers proposed a bilayered model of skin using contracted collagen lattices containing living dermal fibroblasts covered in a second-step procedure with in vitro reconstructed epidermal sheets [15-20].

The xenogenous product is free of bacterial and viral agents, especially BSE. According to the "Protocol of the safety of medical products achieved from animal components" (National Health Authority, BGA, Germany, Feb. 16, 1994; published Feb. 26, 1994), it may be used in humans without any limitations. The Collatamp Fascie™/TissueFascieTM obtained medical approval from the German National Health Authority and has recently obtained aCE-Certification. The concept developed by Calonge and Ruszczak (a composite graft, published also under the term "component skin equivalent" [33]) is based on a two-staged transplantation procedure: (1) a xenogenic dermis equivalent (see above), which is placed upon the sur- face of the wound.

A certain part of it is still undergoing evaluation to clarify its regularity and to search for solutions, with the rest being organized for more clinical trials. Local burn damage shows an acute inflammatory response. Physical and chemical factors may cause three-dimensional tissue damage due to direct injury, neural and humoral factors, and chemical mediators produced and released from the damaged tissue, leading to chemotaxis of inflammatory cells which initiate and promote injury-related cellular factors.

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Biological Matrices and Tissue Reconstruction by Sheng-De Ge (auth.), Professor Dr. med. G. Björn Stark, Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Raymund Horch, Dr. med. Eszter TÁczos (eds.)

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