By Thomas Ertman

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For a few years students have sought to provide an explanation for why the ecu states that emerged within the interval sooner than the French Revolution constructed alongside such various traces. Why did a few states turn into absolutist and others constitutionalist? What enabled a few to strengthen bureaucratic administrative structures, whereas others remained established upon patrimonial practices?

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Also, the contemporaneous Prussia of Frederick the Great employed no more than 500-600 officials at all levels of government to collect its very substantial land taxes. Brewer, Sinews, p. 66; Johnson, Frederick the Great, pp. 283-288; W. R. Ward, "The Office for Taxes, 1665-1798," Bulletin of the Institute of Historical Research, vol. 25, no. 72 (November 1952), pp. 204-212, here at p. 208. Perry Anderson, Passages from Antiquity to Feudalism (London: New Left Books, 1974). Introduction 17 which absolutism was swept away by a precocious "bourgeois revolution"; and finally a harsher, more militarized eastern version of absolutism without the sale of offices found in Brandenburg-Prussia, Austria, and (outside of our universe of cases) Russia.

In Chapter 4, I turn to Britain and show how the patrimonial legacy bequeathed by the early onset of geopolitical competition was eventually overcome with the help of a strong, territorially based representative assembly. In Chapter 5,1 examine the complex subject of political development in central Europe and discuss the emergence of bureaucratic absolutism among the German states, with particular emphasis on the case of Brandenburg-Prussia. Chapter 6 then addresses the cases of Hungary and Poland, where elites organized both in national parliaments and in the regions appropriated much of the power of central government, an outcome with tragic consequences for Poland.

THE LATE ROMAN EMPIRE AND EARLY STATE FORMATION IN VISIGOTH SPAIN, LOMBARD ITALY, AND MEROVINGIAN AND CAROLINGIAN GAUL Despite popular images of the "fall of the Roman Empire" as a violent, cataclysmic event leading to the demise of classical civilization, modern historiography has stressed the high degree of continuity between the western Empire and the barbarian kingdoms which came to replace it during the course of the 5th and 6th centuries. The late Empire was a highly institutionalized polity headed by an emperor who, in addition to possessing sole powers of legislation, taxation, and military command, exercised tight control over both the (Christian) state church and a nondynamic economy little affected by competitive markets.

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