By Loren L. Coleman

ISBN-10: 0441012922

ISBN-13: 9780441012923

Within the bleak northlands, Grimnir, the residing god of the plundering Vanir, is best his hordes throughout Cimmeria. stories of Grimnir's fury unfold as refugees scatter during the land to flee his wrath.

In the village of Gaud, the younger warrior Kern, the "Wolf-Eye," has been exiled, an outcast from extended family and relatives. it's he who's fated to confront the scary Grimnir. yet as unswerving acquaintances and determined warring parties rally to his aspect, even Kern doesn't comprehend even if he leads his humans to deliverance, or yes loss of life.

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The gargantua was a mountainous monster, and mountains were meant for climbing. Agnate swung his axe like a pick, chunking a foothold in the monster's leg. He stepped onto the broad blade and flung himself upward. One hand grasped the leathery wattle beneath the beast's throat. The other yanked the axe from the creature's leg. With its healthy claw, the gargantua reached up and grabbed the Metathran commander. Its fingers flexed around him. In moments, his macerated flesh would spew out between those claws....

Agnate sank down away from it. His pike rammed between scaly knuckles. It ate through the flesh stretched there and burrowed upward. With a shriek, the monster hauled its bloodied hand away. Only then did Agnate see what it was. The gargantua reared up between the trees. It was a meaty beast, twice the height of a mammoth and eight times the bulk. 49 Planeshift On two hulking talons it stood, its belly scales drawn tight in a shriek of agony. It clutched its wounded fist and bellowed through fangs.

Wires snapped. Sparks flew. A ball sucked free from a fleshy socket. The leg fell to ground. Tsabo Tavoc tried to grab him again. Crovax merely caught her arms and ripped them off. The pain was exquisite. She had forgotten what her own agony felt like. One by one, he broke her other legs free, all eight of them. With a crash, she fell to the floor. She writhed amid her own limbs. Oil covered her. Vampire hounds converged. Their eager tongues lapped at her. ” she screamed. " Crovax called off the hounds, speaking a single command in a violent language.

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Blood of Wolves (Age of Conan-Hyborian Adventures: Legends of Kern, Volume 1) by Loren L. Coleman

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