By Jack Kerouac

ISBN-10: 0140587004

ISBN-13: 9780140587005

Top identified for his "Legend of Duluoz" novels, together with On the Road and The Dharma Bums, Jack Kerouac is usually a big poet. In those 8 prolonged poems, Kerouac writes from the guts of expertise within the tune of language, making use of an analogous instrumental blues shape that he used to fullest impact in Mexico urban Blues, his principally unheralded vintage of postmodern literature. Edited via Kerouac himself, Book of Blues is an exuberant foray into language and cognizance, wealthy with imagery, propelled by means of rythm, and established in a reverent attentiveness to the moment.

"In my approach, the shape of blues choruses is restricted through the small web page of the breastpocket computer during which they're written, just like the type of a suite variety of bars in a jazz blues refrain, and so occasionally the word-meaning can hold from one refrain into one other, or now not, like the phrase-meaning can hold harmonically from one refrain to the opposite, or now not, in jazz, in order that, in those blues as in jazz, the shape relies on time, and by way of the musicians spontaneous phraseology & harmonizing with the beat of time because it waves & waves on through in measured choruses." —Jack Kerouac

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29 28TH CHORUS You're as useless As a soda truck Parked in the rain With cases of pretty red Orange green & Coca Cola Brown receiving rain Drops like the sea Receiveth driving spikes Welling in the navel void. I also have loud poems: Broken plastic coverlets Flapping in the rain To cover newspapers All printed up And plain. 29TH CHORUS Guys with big pockets In heavy topcoats And slit scar Head bands down The middle of their hair All Bruce Barton combed Stand surveying Harrison Folsom & the Ramp And the redbrick clock Wishin they had a woman Or some money, honey Westinghouse Elevators Are full of pretty girls With classy cans And cute pans And long slim legs And eyes for the boss At quarter of four.

45 44TH CHORUS Little heroes of the dead Found a nickle instead And bought a Borden half & half Orange Sherbert & vanil milk Trod the pavements Of unfall Frisco Waiting for its earthquake To waver houses men And streets to spindle Drift to fall at Third Street Number 6-15 Where Bank now stands Jack London was born And saw gray rigging At the 'barcadero Pier, His bier commemorated in marble To advertise the stone Of vaults where money rots. 46 45TH CHORUS Inquisitive plaidshirt Pops look at trucks In the afternoon While Mulligan's Stewing on the stove And Calico spreads Her milk &c creamy legs For advertising salesman Passing thru from Largo Oregon where water Runs the Willamette down By blasted to-the-North Volcanic ashes seft.

That's how I feel— What a deal! Yes I'm goin ho o ome 40 39TH CHORUS Yes I'm goin on home today Tonight I'll be ridin The 80 mile Zipper And flyin down the Coast Wrapt in a blanket Cryin And cold So brother Pour me a drink I got lots of friends From coast to coast And ocean to ocean girls But when I see A bottle a wine And see that it's full I like to open it And take of it my fill 41 40TH CHORUS And when my head gets dizzy And friends all laugh And money pours from my pocket And goid from my ears And silver flies out and rubies explode I'll up & eat And sing another song And drop another grape In my belly down Cause you know What Omar Khayyam said Better be happy With the happy grape As make long faces And groan all night In search of fruit That dont exist 41ST C H O R U S So Mister Engineer And Mister Hoghead Conductor Jones And you head brakeman And you, tagman on this run Give me a hiball Boomer's or any kind Start that Diesel All 3 Units Less roll on down that rail See Kansas City by dawn Or grass of Amarilla Or rooftops of Old New York Or banksides green with grass In April Anywhere I 43 42ND CHORUS I'd better be a poet Or lay down dead.

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