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Cometh from the YOD of the Supernal Wisdom. [42] DALETH 5 She is the Thought, Which spinneth the plan of existence, That web of manifestation Which entangleth the minds of fools, And giveth understanding to the wise Who know the secret of its mystery. In her is concealed the plentitude of Tetragrammaton, And hidden in that Door of Perplexity Is the Son, who is from all and among all. 6 This is the Gateway of life and form. Yet through it come also death and conflict, Even as it is shown in the numbering of DALETH.

A mist and a vapor". The Hebrew noun Ade, A D, has the numeral value 5, the same as the single letter HEH, and means "fog, mist". 9 H E H is called "the Mother wherewith creation took place", because H is the second letter of the Tetragrammaton, I H V H , and this second letter is attributed to BINAH, which is AIMA, the Mother. H E H conceals YOD, because the letter-name HEH, H H, has the value 10, the number of the letter YOD. Ten is concealed in Four, the number of the Sephirah CHESED, because 4 implies the pre-existence of 1, 2 and 3 so that it may be taken as representing 1 plus 2 plus 3 plus 4, or 10.

3 Unfathomed and unfathomable Is the Great Deep Of mine interior nature. In the unplumbed abyss of the No-Thing Mine Eternal Will ariseth, And by the rising of that Will The No-Thing cometh forth Into the appearance of Something. 4 That Will is the Small Point of all beginning, And its coming forth is a search for itself. For that Will is a hunger, And a desire, And a longing. My nature being changeless, This eager longing altereth not. It is a thing concluded before all manifestation, A purpose unalterably decided upon, [66] V A V A determination which I confirm by mine experience.

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