By Chantal Bonnard MD, Bart Slooff MD, PhD (auth.), Chantal Bonnard MD, Bart Slooff MD, PhD (eds.)

ISBN-10: 3642583784

ISBN-13: 9783642583780

ISBN-10: 3642635636

ISBN-13: 9783642635632

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8. 1 Accessory nerve; 2 dorsal scapular nerve coming from CS; 3 sensory branch of the cervical plexus; 4 long thoracic nerve; 5 neuroma CS; 6 empty vertebral foramen of C6 and C7; 7 mass of avulsed roots, covering C8 and TI, which function partially; 8 pectoral nerves coming from CS, C6, and C7; 9 branch to the coracobrachial muscle; 10 ulnar nerve; 11 a very thin musculocutaneous nerve; 12 a very large median nerve; 13 to the cervical plexus; 14 neurorrhaphy with Tissucol and Nylon 9/0; 15 neurotization: nerve XI to suprascapular nerve and dorsal scapular nerve to long thoracic nerve; 16 grafts from CS to distal upper trunk with anterior and posterior division; 17 pedicled graft; 18 neurotization of intercostal nerves to musculocutaneous nerve, nerve XII not found; 19 interposed sural grafts 19 20 DIAG I : L h bra hial pi xu injury; avul ion 5, 6, and 7 CODE: OP 512 BIRTHDATE: 2 May 1969 DATE: 8 Sept.

See outcome photograph, Case 23) No 0 CASE 23 I DIAG 0 ( : Right brachial plexu injury; avul ion C5-TI. '. ine. ;~ - c C\ V . /+r~ II N. r. 'JftR(O $T{JU)<. NON LJTluJES /I CIiUfE -DE Lit Pf1 RfjLySI£ 1/;'( EN I QUI:: P Fig. 23. 1 Anastomosis between cervical branches and accessory nerve; 2 cervical sensory branches; 3 avulsed C5; 4 avulsed C6; 5 phrenic nerve not responding on stimulation; 6 branches to the superior part of the trapezius muscle; 7 upper trunk; 8 area of tight fibrotic scar tissue; 9 posterior cord; 10 lateral cord; 11 medial cutaneous nerve of the forearm; 12 inferior pectoral nerve; 13 both cranial nerves XI and XII were used; 14 graft of medial cutaneous nerve of the forearm, neurorrhaphy with Tissucol and sutures 10/0; 15 contribution of the cervical "ansa" C3, C4; 16 pectoral "ansa"; 17 motor branch of intercostal nerve T3; 18 intercostal nerves were not used because of the phrenic paralysis 49 o DIA 0 I : Righl brachial plexu injury; avulsi n C6-TI, partial avuI ion CODE: OP 507 BIRTHDATE: 30 Apr.

5 (6 ~YcLL ~ JL /... l'I1o(jlJ. ). D( IU--H-- CD afu, ~ ~(V)oJ. ,·(c. /? > ~ (ONfL~E Me. ® @ A'Jv\stoh @ M E:J>l) LLAin. G Cs C1; C 1 Fig. 6. 1 Empty sleeve; 2 C5, C6, and C7 avulsed, returned to themselves; 3 spinal ganglion; 4 suprascapular nerve; 5 posterior cord; 6 lateral cord; 7 medial cord; 8 musculocutaneous nerve leaving very proximally; 9 axillary nerve; 10 ulnar nerve; 11 avulsion C5, C6, and C7; 12 nerve to levator scapulae and rhomboid muscles; 13 accessory nerve; 14 external motor part of avulsed CS; 15 neurotization: nerve XI to suprascapular nerve; dorsal scapular nerve to CS; T4 and TS to musculocutaneous nerve; 16 neurorrhaphy with Tissucol only 15 16 DlAG 0 I : Right brachial plexu Ie ion; avuJ ion C5, 6, and ubtotal 7, temporary Ie ion CODE: OP 495 BIRTHDATE: 1 Dec.

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Brachial Plexus Lesions: Drawings of Explorations and Reconstructions by Algimantas Otonas Narakas by Chantal Bonnard MD, Bart Slooff MD, PhD (auth.), Chantal Bonnard MD, Bart Slooff MD, PhD (eds.)

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