By Sylvie Kurtz

ISBN-10: 0505521490

ISBN-13: 9780505521491

ISBN-10: 0585319308

ISBN-13: 9780585319308

On a regimen trip in an vintage airplane, Colin fort reveals himself contending with a slip in time and with the attractive Leisl Erhardt, who could or won't dare to probability her middle for the bold barnstormer from the skies.

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Jakob had gambled, and had lost everything. She would never love him. He would never love again. The mob threw a rope over a sturdy branch. It held firm when they tested it. One man positioned his horse beneath the flapping noose. Two more forced Kurt on the gelding's back. Another slipped the noose around Kurt's neck. The torches' garish light stretched their shadows. All the while Liesl's screams filled Jakob's ears. They reverberated through his bones, and etched themselves into his brain. He would hear them until the day he died.

In full color. Big blue eyes on fresh rosy skin, bright red lips parted to allow rapid breaths, golden hair gleaming like a beacon in the falling night, a smudge of grease on a high cheekbone. Soft hair, soft skin, soft lips. He knew they would be. He knew exactly how they would feel. He knew exactly how they would taste. No, it couldn't be true. He must have hit his head in the crash. Slowly, stiffly, he rubbed his eyes with both leadened fists. The image refused to vanish. You only have one veek to find ze vindow again, Jakob's voice echoed unnaturally in his mind.

Schönberg it would have to be until he could gas up again and find his way home. Flying over the field above pattern altitude, Colin checked for traffic and sought out the wind sock. Grass? When had Schönberg reverted to grass? He entered the pattern, flared a few feet above the runway, and landed softly, careful to keep a straight track down the mowed grass path. A shadow jumped in front of him. By sheer instinct he reacted and applied the brakes, only to realize too late he'd done the wrong thing.

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Broken Wings (Timeswept) by Sylvie Kurtz

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