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2009). Podocinids have been reported to prey on Collembola and other mites. The Otopheidomenidae comprises 28 species arranged in ten genera. All species of this family are associated with insects. The shape of their chelicera (with reduced fixed digit and pruning-saw shaped movable digit) and the absent or reduced tritosternum suggest them to be parasite of arthropods. The Ascoidea comprises the families Ameroseiidae, Ascidae and Melicharidae (Lindquist et al. 2009). The latter two families will be discussed in Chap.

Conversely, ascids and melicharids are most similar to Ameroseiidae. The latter also contains some genera consisting of plant inhabiting species, especially Afrocypholaelaps Elsen, Hattena Domrow and Neocypholaelaps Vitzthum, although the species of the other genera (actually, most species of this family) are found mainly in other habitats, especially in litter. No predaceous ameroseiid is 2 Potential of Ascidae, Blattisociidae and Melicharidae (Acari: Mesostigmata)… 35 known; instead, most ameroseiids are considered fungivorous, whereas some of the plant inhabiting ameroseiids have been shown to feed on pollen or nectar, as summarized by Narita et al.

Marginata can also feed on slugs (Raut 1996 apud Gerson et al. 2003). Fuscuropoda agitans (Banks) (= Uropoda agitans), known as earthworm mite, can be a problem in earthworm beds, mainly by competing for food with the earthworms. It has also been reported to attack earth worm cocoons (Stone and Ogles 1953; Tappan 1959). Jalil and Rodriguez (1970) reported that only fertilized females of U. marginata were able to oviposit. The virtual absence of males has led Norton et al. (1993) to suspect that several uropodine species reproduce by thelytokous parthenogenesis.

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