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Part 1 deals with language. Although recursion is not limited to language, it is most commonly invoked to explain why human language differs from other forms of animal communication, an insight largely attributable to Noam Chomsky. Chapter 2 discusses the nature of language, with particular emphasis on the role of recursion. Chapter 3 then raises the age-old question of whether other animals have anything resembling human language. Chapter 4 develops the idea that language evolved from manual gestures— an idea that suggests greater evolutionary continuity between humans and other primates than the more common assumption that language emerged from vocal calls.

As it turns out, this is also true. And of course we could continue to embed each sentence so formed into the format X is a sentence, ad infinitum. Sentences are the basic units of language that allow us to express propositions about the world, and propositions are in turn descriptions about states or actions that have so-called truth-value, which is to say that they are either true or false. Correspondingly, the sentences that express propositions are generally also either true or false, which gives humans the possibly unique privilege of being able to lie.

He immediately got out of the water, fetched some grapes, and tossed them into the pool.

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Burgers turbulence by Tatsumi,Kida

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