By P. Moore, W. Tirion

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The Cambridge consultant to Stars and Planets is a operating guide and finished guide that includes charts of the celebrities in all 88 constellations in addition to a concise assessment of astronomy. The exquisitely-drafted constellation maps allow sky gazers to acknowledge stars with the bare eye and to spot the brighter nebula and galaxies. Maps are paired with lucid motives of a constellation's finest positive aspects. Astronomy specialists Patrick Moore and Wil Tirion offer a complete yet succinct pocket advisor that may be used at any time from anywhere in the world, charting astronomical phenomena via 2003.

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Its rotation period was the same as the planet's "year" (88 Earth days) case one half would be daylight and the other night. 5 f us. 6 Day 1 53 STARS AND PLANETS Venus the most brilliant of the planets, but through a telescope little can be seen apart from the phase; the surface is permanently hidden by layers of cloud. Before the space age very little was known about the surface conditions on Venus, but in 1962 Mariner 2 bypassed the planet and showed that the surface temperature is very high - thereby disproving Venus is detail an older theory that there were oceans on the planet.

Hipparchus Horrocks Humboldt, W. 37 31 23°S 84°E 33 41 46°N 39°E 23°N 50°W 2°W 39 6°S 41 2°N 67°W 39 25°S 35 6°S 5°E 35 4°S 4°E 30°W 31 27°S 81°E Hyginus 33 8°N 6°E Inghirami 43 48°S 70°W 39 28°S Capella 31 8°S 36°E Isidorus 31 8°S 33°E Cardan us 41 Janssen 35 46°S 40°E Carpathian Mts 37 33 Cassini 33 13°N 73°W 15°N 20°W 40°N 4°E 9°N 15°E 49°N 32°W Catharina 35 18°S 24°E Cavalerius 41 Caucasus Mts Censorinus Chacornac 33 5°N 67°W 32°N 9°E 31 0° 32°E 33 30°N 32°E Clavius 39 58°S Cleomedes 29 Colombo Condorcet Conon 33 44 Julius Caesar Jura Mts Kastner Kepler Krusenstern 37 31 6°S 80°E 41 8°N 38°W 35 26°S 6°E La Condamine Lacus Mortis Lacus Somniorum 37 27°N 55°E Lambert 37 53°N 45°N 38°N 26°N 31 15°S 46°E 9°S 61 °E 12°N 70°E 22°N 2°E Langrenus Lansberg La Peyrouse 31 29 37 0° 31 10°S 78°E 14°W 33 33 28°W 29°E 36°E 21°W 26°W E E THE Feature Page Position Feature 31 29°S 70°E 33 26°N 31 °E Pontecoulant Posidonius 10°S 43°W Legendre Le Monnier Letronne 43 Lilius 35 54°S 6°E Lindenau Linne Littrow 35 32°S 25°E 33 33 28°N 12°E 22°N 31°E Longomontanus 39 50°S 21 Macrobius Maginus Magelhaens Mairan 29 21°N 46°E 39 50°S 31 12°S 44°E 41 42°N 43°W 15°N 9°E 17°N 60°E Manilius 33 Mare Mare Mare Mare Mare Mare Mare Mare Mare Mare Mare Mare Foecunditatis 29 29 Frigoris 37 Crisium °W 6°W 32°N 30°E 26°N 44°W 16°N 47°E Ptolemaeus Purbach 39 9°S 39 25°S Pythagoras Rabbi Levi 37 63°N 62°W 35 Regiomontanus 39 35°S 24°E 28°S 0° Reinhold Rhaeticus Rheita Rheita Valley 37 3°N 23°W 33 0° 5°E 31 37°S 47°E 31 38°S 46°E Riccioli 43 3°S 2°N 19°E 25°N 37°E 4I°N 58°W 2°N 20°E Ritter 33 Romer 29 41 29 43 26°S Imbrium 37 Marginis Nectaris 29 35°N 20°W 10°N 90°E Riimker Mt Sabine Sacrobosco Santbech 31 12°S 30°E Nubium 39 20°S Serenitatis Tranquillitatis 33 10°W Marius Maurolycus 41 24°N 20°E 7°N 22°E 13°N 4°E 12°N 51 °W 35 42°S 14°E Manzinus 35 68°S 27°E Mee 39 44°S Menelaus Mercator Mercurius Mersenius Messala Messier Messier Metius A 33 33 29 Humboltdianum 33 59°S 66°E 41 Humorum 33 Position 35 Prinz Proclus 58°N 10°W 55°N 75°E Vaporum ige 2°S 50°E 38°W 35°W 16°N 16°E 26°W MOON 33 2°W 2°W 75°W 35 24°S 17°E 31 21°S 44°E Saunder 35 4°S 9°E Scheiner Schickard 39 60°S 43 44°S Schiller 39 Schroter 37 Schroter's Valley 41 Schubert Seleucus 41 29 Sinus Aestuum Sinus Iridum Sinus Medii Sinus Roris 41 Sirsalis 43 37 37 37 28°W 55°W 52°S 39°W 3°N 7°W 25°N 50°W 3°N 81°E °N 66°W 15°N 9°W 45°N 25°W 2°N 0° 48°N 60°W 21 39 29°S 29 46°N 65°E 43 29 21°S 39°N 60°E Snellius 31 29°S 56°E 31 2°S 48°E Sommering 37 31 2°S 47°E 40°S 44°E 74°N 19°E 39°S 1°E 50°N 20°E Stadius 37 0°7°W 11°N 14°W Steinheil 31 50°S 46°E Stevinus 31 33°S 54°E Stofler 35 4I°S 6°E Strabo 33 62°N 54°E Tacitus Taruntius Thales 35 16°S 19°E 29 33 6°N 46°E 62°N 50°E 39 22°S 31 49°W Meton 33 Miller 35 Mitchell 33 Moretus Murchison 39 70°S 8°W 37 5°N 0° Nasireddin 39 41 °S 0° Neper Oceanus Procellarum Otto Struve 29 Pallas 37 Palus Putredinus 33 7°N 83°E 10°N 46°W 25°N 75°W 5°N 2°W 26°N 0° Parry Petavius 39 8°S 31 Philolaus Phocylides Picard Piccolomini Pico Mt Pierce 29 15°N 55°E 60°W 13°S 4°W Thebit Theophilus Timocharis Tisserand 35 11°S 26° 37 29 27°N 13°W 21 "N 48°E Torricelli 35 5 S Tralles 29 28'N 53 25°S 61 °E Triesnecker 33 4 37 72°N 32°W Tycho 39 43 54°S 43'S 11 16 S 62 E 41 41 35 16°W 58°W Vendelinus Vieta 30°S 32°E 46° N 9°W Vitello 18°N Vlacq Vitruvius 31 43 43 29 35 Pitatus 37 29 39 Pitiscus 35 51 °S Piton Mt Plato PI ay fair 37 4TN 1"W 51 N9 W Watt Werner 23°S 9°E 15°N 24 E Wilhelm Williams 33 39 29 J5 37 35 Plinius 33 54' 30°S 14 W 31 °E Walter Wargentin Plutarch Polybius 29 25°N 79 35 22'S 26 E Wurzelbauer Zeno Pontanus 35 28 S 15 E Zollner E 29E N 29 S 30 S 18 N 'E 4 E W 57 W 38 W 31 E 53 S 39 E 35 33 S 43 50 S 60 50 S 49 E 28 S 3 E 43 S 20 42 N 37 E 34 S 16 45 N 70 E 8 S 19 E 31 35 V) W W W 45 4 THE SUN The Sun seen from Earth The Sun is the only star that is close enough to us to be studied in detail.

The dark areas were once thought to be old seabeds filled with vegetation but this attractive idea has now been disproved and as yet there is no firm evidence of any life on Mars. Some of the dark regions, such as Syrtis Major, are elevated plateaux. The Martian "day" is about half an hour The apparent drift of features across the Earth. longer than that of the disk is therefore obvious even over a short period of observation. Generally the atmosphere is transparent, except for occasional dust storms which may hide the surface features.

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