By Rick Swan

ISBN-10: 1560769033

ISBN-13: 9781560769033

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They stare expectantly in the direction of the tent, taking sips from a green bottle, which they pass between them. One of the men notices the PCs and nudges his companion. Both smile and wave. ” Daasim (to the PCs): “Neither of us actually heard the tent speak, you see. ” Has the tent spoken again? ” Who are the people on the plain? ” (Any PC who makes a successful Intelligence check recognizes the name of Fahad al-Zakir, one shouts. “Come join us! ” philanthropists, noted for his charity work and generous If the party wishes to join the men, continue with the next section.

Three wooden shelves, 1 foot wide and 10 feet long and spaced 3 feet apart, line the left wall. A clay jug rests on each shelf, in addition to an assortment of diameter and 4 feet tall, contained serpents. The empty empty clay bowls and glass containers. The jug on the baskets now lie on their sides, their lids off. (The zin bottom shelf is filled with soiled rags. ) containing a black sand adder placed there by the zin. 1c. Junk. On a small wooden shelf, fresh bandages, a ceramic water container, a cloth pillow, and a coil of rope Black sand adder: Int animal; AL N; AC 6; MV 12; HD are kept.

If the, PCs express interest in retrieving Iyda and pleaded with him to stop; her daughter was still themselves, Fayiz perks up. “An excellent idea. I’m sure inside. Khafaz refused. ” Fayiz offers two pieces of blubbers, “but the spirit probably had killed Iyda already. information to help them. ” Dhiba begs for the party’s help. ” How small? Fayiz holds his hands about 6 inches apart. gone, then I want to see her body. ” from wasp eggs and rare herbs from the High Desert. “But If the PCs hesitate, Dhiba shows them an amber I had only a small amount of salve and I had to cover her necklace hanging around her neck.

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