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As president, Eisenhower is a father figure, the leader of their country. Learning that he is capable of murder leads them to question what their country stands for. Also significant in this section is the appearance of Brother Fowles. Up to this point, the novel has presented only one view of Christianity in Africa. Brother Fowles provides a counterpoint to Nathan’s narrowminded approach to religion. Even though Fowles was dismissed from the mission for marrying a Congolese woman, his kindness and generosity show him to be doing more good for people in one visit than Nathan has in one year.

Out of the three, Rachel has changed the least. ” Both Leah and Adah have had to alter their philosophies somewhat, though. After so many years of witnessing injustice, Leah has lost her faith in justice and instead hopes for a balance between good and evil. Meanwhile, with her lost disability, Adah has also lost her sense of betrayal. Instead she sees the world filled with misunderstandings; she comments, “Illusions mistaken for truth are the pavement under our feet. ” That comment makes sense in terms of what Nathan said about the Americans and Europeans bringing civilization to Africa.

Unfortunately, that journey didn’t end with Lumumba’s election in 1960 or with his death in 1961. After Lumumba died, Mobutu ruled for more than three decades, destroying the country’s economy in the process. The Congo would not have a chance to be truly free until Mobutu was no longer in power. Therefore, to make her story follow history, Kingsolver needed to continue tracking the lives of the Prices. After Ruth May’s death, the Price women scatter, each one on her own path. It is in this section that their different philosophies are fully developed.

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