By Richard Spears

ISBN-10: 0071776079

ISBN-13: 9780071776073

A necessary consultant to daily American English that will help you comprehend meanings and steer clear of trouble in translation

In this re-creation of Common American words in daily Contexts, famous lexicographer Richard A. Spears stocks with you 1,900 of the commonest words and colloquial expressions utilized in modern American English. right here you'll find the greetings, good-byes, and daily small speak that american citizens use day-by-day. All entries were chosen with the certain wishes of you, the nonnative speaker of English, in mind!

Inside you will find:

  • Examples or brief dialogues with each one access that illustrate how the word is utilized in daily talking
  • Usage regulations or warnings for these events while a word can be irrelevant
  • Shortened or abbreviated expressions cross-referenced to their entire varieties
  • A Phrase-Finder Index to assist quickly and simple reference

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It’s just gin and tonic. Mary: Great! I’ll be right back with it. Could I call you? 1. I am too busy to talk to you now. Do you mind if I telephone you later on? (Usually in a business context. Also 24 Could I have a lift? used with can in place of could. ) ᮀ Sally: I can’t talk to you right now. Could I call you? Tom: Sure, no problem. ᮀ Bill: I’ve got to run. Sorry. Can I call you? Bob: No, I’m leaving town. I’ll try to get in touch next week. 2. ; Do you mind if I call you sometime (in order to further our relationship)?

Bill: Why are you stopping the car? John: We usually stop here for the night, don’t you know? Bill: I know a better place down the road. 43 Don’t you know it! Don’t you know it! ; You’re exactly right, and I agree with you. ) ᮀ Alice: Man, is it hot! Fred: Don’t you know it! ᮀ Bob: This is the best cake I have ever eaten. The cook is the best in the world! Bill: Don’t you know it! (Don’t you) see? Go to Don’t you know? (Don’t) you wish! Don’t you wish that what you have just said were really true?

Don’t believe so. Go to (I) don’t believe so. Don’t bet on it! ; It isn’t happening! ) ᮀ Hanna: I expect that you will be 36 Don’t even look like something! going to the mountains again this year. Ida: Don’t bet on it. This has been a bad year financially. ᮀ A: I expect to see you at the office bright and early tomorrow morning. B: Don’t bet on it! Tomorrow is Sunday. Don’t bother. Please don’t do it. It is not necessary, and it is too much trouble. ᮀ Mary: Should I put these in the box with the others?

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