By Jacqueline Mitton, Simon Mitton

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An up to the moment creation to our wisdom of the universe.

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In England there are large radio observatories near to Manchester and at Cambridge. Several large observatories are at work in the USA, USSR and Austraha. Radio telescopes can operate during the day as well as at night. X-rays cannot travel very far through our atmosphere. scientists have made automatic astronomy observatories. These orbit Earth, high above the atmosphere. Telescopes controlled by radio signals beamed from the the invisible X-rays from exotic stars. Eventually, astronomers hope to have orbiting observaThen the tories containing several types of telescope.

Life like that point the instrument at the Sun. lo Moon Mercury Titan Earth Mercury is the smaUest planet m the solar system. Here its size is compared to the planet Earth, the Moon, lo, a moon ofJupiter, and Titan, the giant moon of Saturn. 38 I This large crater on Mercury has a central mountain peak. The walls of the crater form a series of terraces. This crater was made when a large meteorite crashed into Mercury long ago. > 3- Mercury is a hot and barren world sprinkled with many craters. It does not have an atmosphere.

Earth consists of that the crust of the several large plates that will not keep still. Beneath the oceans and continents there is a rock layer that moves. Heat flowing from the interior of the Earth causes this motion, which is like that of a conveyor belt. The heat comes from the decay of radioactive rocks. In certain places the rock conveyor belts are pushing into each other, and tremendous buckling of the continental plates takes place. This crumpling of two continental plates has caused the formation of the Alps and Himalayas.

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