By B M Harwani

ISBN-10: 1849690944

ISBN-13: 9781849690942

ISBN-10: 1849690952

ISBN-13: 9781849690959

The booklet follows an unfolding instance app, exploring the good points and rules of middle facts as they're extra to the app. The booklet is filled with step by step directions, transparent reasons, and precious fast reference fabric. If youve already explored iOS improvement and perhaps even dabbled with middle facts, this ebook will set your data-driven software improvement on a company footing.

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Xib file. The files are placed in the Classes group default location of our Xcode Project window. xib file in the Xcode Project window's Classes group and drag it to the Resources group—the default location for all Interface Builder files. h header file After a user enters two numbers in the SecondViewController class view and presses the Add or Multiply button, a calculation should be performed by the demodelegateViewController class (the application's RootViewContoller class). This operation will be carried out when the demodelegateViewController class is declared as delegate of the protocol defined in the SecondViewController class.

In addition to defining a protocol, the SecondViewController class header file will also contain outlets, properties, and action methods. h> @protocol SecondViewControllerDelegate -(void) sum: (int) val1 secondparam: (int) val2; @optional -(void) multiply: (int) x secondvalue: (int) y; @end @interface SecondViewController : UIViewController { IBOutlet UITextField *value1; IBOutlet UITextField *value2; id delegate; } @property (nonatomic, retain) UITextField *value1; @property (nonatomic, retain) UITextField *value2; @property (nonatomic, retain) id delegate; -(IBAction) add:(id)sender; -(IBAction) multiply:(id)sender; @end In this code block, we also define two UITextField class instance variables: value1 and value2 and mark them as outlets.

JPG, IMG_0002. JPG). After saving the four images, the simulator will display the images as shown in image (a). 8. On clicking back to Photos, we find that an album Saved Photos appears with one of the images considered as the icon of the photo album (image (b)). The number (4) in parenthesis represents that there are four images in this photo album. [ 11 ] Overview 9. Now, our application is completely ready for execution. For any guidance regarding operating the application, refer to the An application output sample section in Chapter 2, Understanding Core Data.

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Core data iOS essentials : a fast-paced, example-driven guide to data-driven iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch applications by B M Harwani

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