By Andrew E. Romer, Baynard Bosseman, II

ISBN-10: 1583217258

ISBN-13: 9781583217252

This convenient pocket advisor describes the soil forms, environmental stipulations, and electrochemical methods that reason exterior corrosion of steel pipes, in addition to the way to safeguard pipe with coatings, polyethylene wraps, electrical present (cathodic protection), and solid set up practices

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Indb 35 2/11/2009 2:42:14 PM Epoxy Type of resin formed by the reaction of aliphatic or aromatic polyols (like bisphenol) with epichlorohydrin and characterized by the presence of reactive oxirane end groups. Film A thin, not necessarily visible layer of material. Galvanic Series A list of metals and alloys arranged according to their relative potentials in a given environment. Impressed Cathodic protection current provided by rectiCurrent fier-type protective systems. Ion An ion is an atom or molecule normally electrically neutral that gains or loses one or more electrons or protons.

Alkalinity is normally measured by the equivalent of milligrams of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) per liter of water. A negatively charged ion that migrates through the electrolyte toward the anode under the influence of a potential gradient. (1) Corrosion: The electrode of a corrosion cell that has the greater tendency to corrode or oxidize. (2) Cathodic Protection: The expendable materials that are buried and through which direct current flow into the soil. Common materials used for this purpose are graphite, high silicon iron, magnesium, zinc, and scrap iron.

Steel is anodic to its surface mill scale. , pipe bends) are anodic to less stressed areas. indb 26 2/11/2009 2:42:14 PM Corrosion of the Interior of Water Mains What is Corrosive Water? Whether or not water will severely corrode a particular material is hard to predict and depends on many factors, including the water’s pH, alkalinity, temperature, dissolved oxygen and solids content, and the type of metal used for pipes and other fittings. Typically, corrosive water is soft, fairly acidic, and has a low mineral content.

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