By Michael A. DiSpezio

ISBN-10: 0806994304

ISBN-13: 9780806994307

Here are sufficient tricky puzzles to check your psychological powers for hours and hours. do that unending array of puzzles, demanding situations, funky evidence, issues to construct, bizarre riddles, and different conundrums. a few are outdated favorites that by no means fail to stump, others are completely new, yet all promise hours of enjoyable. each might be accomplished with a pencil, pen, or a few low-cost fabrics round the condominium. ninety six pages, one hundred and five b/w illus., five 3/8 x eight 1/4.

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38 Tipping the Scales ••• What whole animal(s) must be added to balance the fourth scale? • Answer on page 83. 39 Snake Spread ••• These hungry snakes are swallowing each other. Since they began this odd dining experience, the circle they formed has gotten smaller. If they continue to swallow each other, what will eventually happen to the circle of snakes? Answer on page 83. Falcon Flight ••• Two bicyclists are situated 60 miles apart. One has a falcon on his shoulder. The bicyclists start riding toward each other at the same time, both maintaining a constant speed of 30 mph.

D. have no sides that are red? Answers on page 80. Squaring Off ••• Make a copy of these four rectangles. Cut out the shapes and then arrange them to form a perfect square. Answer on page 81. 33 Saving Face ••• How good are you at visualizing things? These next few puzzles test your ability to rotate and construct objects in your mind. These blocks below represent the same block. What figure is missing on the upper face of the last block? [] • 34 Which of the six cubes below can be created by fold­ ing this design?

41 Well-Balanced Plate ••• Here's a game that you are guaranteed to win as long as you let your opponent go first. Start with a plate on the exact center of a table. Your opponent must place another plate on the table. Then, it's your turn. During each turn, both of you must continue placing plates until no more plates will fit, but, don't worry, you'll win. Can you figure out the secret? \1 �OUJlE Of NeTl\1�(;. ON 'lou� AlloW�t�? o'(A�. eur, 1ou ero F•�t Answer on page 84. Robot Walkers ••• Have you ever seen a robot walker?

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