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Other Notes: Priests of Iuz are commonly called Liars or Oppressors. In most cultures, calling someone these names is an insult, but not with the Iuzians. It is a most honored title. Worship of Iuz is uncommon and usually suppressed by local authorities. His followers prefer to keep a low profile, even in cities and countries that profess to tolerate their ways. Often the clerics of Iuz are multi-classed with either the wizard or fighter class. This gives them the edge they require in order to cast their oppression upon people who would normally fight a weaker tyrant.

His nervous motions generally make those around him nervous as well. He is rather diffident, makes overwrought little chopping gestures with his hands, and his tension shows in the knit brow and in the bunching of muscles at the back of his neck and between his shoulders. Mallon is something of a scholar, enjoying the study of old languages and legends; his researches at Karasten’s request have borne some fruit. Mallon Fer’Asque 8th-Level Half-Elven Male Wizard Str: 9 Int: 17 AL: Neutral THACO: 18 Dex: 9 Wis: 11 Con: 15 Cha: 14 hp: 29 AC: 4 Weapon Proficiencies: dagger, dart Nonweapon Proficiencies: ancient languages ( 17),etiquette ( 14),herbalism ( 17), read/write ( 17),spellcraft + 2 ( 17) Languages: Common, Elven, Man, Nyrondese Experience Point Thlly: 132,618 Special Abilities: 30%resistant to sleep and charm, spells detects secret doors 1 in 6 (2 in 6 if concentrating): 60’ infravision Spell Use: 4 1st-level, 3 2nd-level, 3 3rdlevel, and 2 4th-level spells per day Spell Book: 1st level-charm person, color spray, detect magic, feather fall, identify, magic missile, phantasmal force, 52 wand of fire (22 charges), whirling iridescent ioun stone (allowsKarasten to be sustained without air), bag ofholding (500-pound capacity) K a r a s t e n Meldraith 10th-Level Human Male Wizard Str: 7 Int: 18 AL: Neutral THACO: 17 Dex: 9 Wis: 16 Con: 10 Cha: 14 Karasten is a Nyrondese mage of some antiquity.

Spell with a -6 penalty. All who fail are charmed by his god-like Charisma. Charmed characters maintain control of themselves, but they will do anything this god asks. The deity promises to grant the characters each a wish. The wish need not be worded precisely, since the god will grant what they mean to say, not exactly what they say. Wishes contributing to the individual character that do not alter the passing of current events are allowed. Wishing that the two approaching armies disappear is unacceptable.

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