By Ichiro Sunagawa

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How do crystals nucleate and develop? Why and the way do crystals shape one of these large choice of morphologies? those questions were posed because the 17th century, and are nonetheless extremely important for contemporary expertise and figuring out the Earth's inside and formation of minerals by means of dwelling organisms. together with a variety of case reports of complicated structures, from diamond, calcite and pyrite to crystals shaped via biomineralization, this publication establishes the atomic techniques at the back of crystal progress.

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Let us assume that the constituent units of both a crystal and that of growth are simple cubes. This kind of model crystal is called a Kossel crystal, and is shown in Fig. 9. The {100} face is completely paved by the unit, and the surface is atomically flat. ” The {111} face, however, consists of kinks, as can be seen in Fig. ” In contrast to {111}, {110} corresponds to a face consisting entirely of steps. Kossel did not give a particular name to this type of crystal face. There are three different sites having different attachment or detachment energies in a Kossel crystal.

In real cases, we observe crystals growing under supersaturation as low as 1%. This large discrepancy between the theoretical and experimental values originates from the fact that Kossel and Stranski assumed the crystal to be perfect. Real crystals, however, are imperfect, containing impurities and dislocations. Frank’s spiral growth model has been proposed to account for the growth mechanism of real crystals. Soon after the proposal of this model, the first evidence to support the proof of the 1 faces of natural beryl crystals [18], followed by obsermodel was obtained on {1010} vations of spiral step patterns on many faces of a wide variety of crystals.

It is therefore necessary to classify the types of ambient phases and to be familiar with their respective characteristics from this standpoint. 23 24 Crystal growth Solid state crystallization, or recrystallization,* is the process whereby both the starting materials and the final product are aggregations of particles with the same crystal structure, and the coarsening of grain sizes is the only process that occurs by crystallization. In this case, grain boundaries become movable, and coarsening of grains occurs due to the release of strain energy that is stored in grain boundaries by the thermal energy resulting from heating.

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