By Edward R. Dewey, Og Mandino

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Cycles: The Mysterious Forces that set off occasions

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Little New Year is established according to the Jungtsi system and coincides with the month of the Tiger; Great New Year coincides with the month of the Dragon. If we consult the calendar we find that the month of the Tiger is the eleventh month and the month of the Dragon is the first month because the numbering system adopted officially in Tibet is known to be of Tibetan and Mongol tradition and does not correspond to the system of astrology of the elements. 43 Table of the Beginning oftheTibetan Year 1900 January 31 METAL MOUSE 1901 February 19 METAL OX F 1902 February 8 WATER TIGER M 1903 January 29 WATER HARE F 1904 February 16 WOOD DRAGON M SNAKE F M 1905 February 4 WOOD 1906 January 25 FIRE HORSE M 1907 February 13 F I RE SHEEP F 1908 February 2 EARTH MONKEY M 1909 January 22 EARTH BIRD F 1910 February 10 METAL DOG M 1911 January 30 METAL BOAR F WATER MOUSE M 1912 February 18 1913 February 6 WATER OX F 1914 January 26 WOOD TIGER M 1915 February 14 WOOD HARE F 1916 February 3 FIRE DRAGON M 1917 January 23 FIRE SNAKE F 1918 February 11 EARTH HORSE M 1919 February 1 EARTH SHEEP F 1920 February 20 METAL MONKEY M 1921 February 8 METAL BIRD F 1922 January 28 WATER DOG M 1923 February 16 WATER BOAR F 1924 February 5 WOOD MOUSE M 1925 January 25 WOOD OX F 1926 February 13 FIRE TIGER M FIR E HARE F 1927 February 2 44 January23 EARTH DRAGON M 1929 February 10 EARTH SNAKE F 1930 January30 METAL HORSE M 1931 February 17 METAL SHEEP F 1928 1932 February6 WATER MONKEY M 1933 January26 WATER BIRD F 1934 February14 WOOD DOG M 1935 February4 WOOD BOAR F 1936 January24 FIRE MOUSE M 1937 February 11 FIRE OX F 1938 January31 EARTH TIGER M 1939 February 19 EARTH HARE F 1940 February 8 METAL DRAGON M SNAKE F 1941 January 27 METAL 1942 February 15 WATER HORSE M 1943 February 5 WATER SHEEP F 1944 January25 WOOD MONKEY M 1945 February 13 WOOD BIRD F 1946 February 2 FIRE DOG M 1947 January 22 FIRE BOAR F 1948 February 10 EARTH MOUSE M 1949 January 29 EARTH OX F 1950 February 17 METAL TIGER M 1951 February 6 METAL HARE F 1952 January 27 WATER DRAGON M 1953 February 14 WATER SNAKE F 1954 February 3 WOOD HORSE M 1955 January 24 WOOD SHEEP F 1956 February 12 F IRE MONKEY M 1957 January 31 FIRE BIRD F 1958 February 16 EARTH DOG M 1959 February 8 EARTH BOAR F 1960 January 28 METAL MOUSE M 45 1961 February 15 METAL OX F 1 962 February 5 WATER TIGER M 1963 January 25 WATER HARE F 1964 February 13 WOOD DRAGON M 1965 February 21 WOOD SNAKE F 1966 February 21 FIRE HORSE M 1967 February 9 FIRE SHEEP F I968 January 29 EARTH MONKEY M 1969 February 17 EARTH BIRD F I970 February 6 METAL DOG M 1971 January 27 METAL BOAR F I972 February 15 WATER MOUSE M I973 February 3 WATER OX F I974 January 23 WOOD TIGER M 1975 February II WOOD HARE F 1976 January 31 FIRE DRAGON M 1977 February 18 FIRE SNAKE F I978 February 8 EARTH HORSE M 1979 February 27 EARTH SHEEP F 1980 February 17 METAL MONKEY M 1981 February 5 METAL BIRD F I982 February 23 WATER DOG M I983 January 14 WATER BOAR F 1984 February 28 WOOD MOUSE M 1985 February 20 WOOD OX F 1986 February 9 FIRE TIGER M 1987 February 28 FIRE HARE F 1988 February 18 EARTH DRAGON M 1989 February 7 EARTH SNAKE F 1990 February 26 METAL HORSE M· 1991 February 15 METAL SHEEP F 1992 March 3 WATER MONKEY M 1993 February 22 WATER BIRD F 46 1994 1995 February 22 March 2 WOOD DOG M WOOD BOAR F 1996 February 19 FIRE MOUSE M 1997 February 8 FIRE OX F 1998 February 27 EARTH TIGER M 1999 February 17 EARTH HAREF 2000 February 6 METAL DRAGONM 2001 February 24 METAL SNAKEF 2002 February 13 WATER HORSEM 2003 March 3 WATER SHEEP F 2004 February 21 WOOD MONKEYM M =male year F =female year 47 The Months The months of the Tibetan calendar are indicated thus, first month, second month etc.

This day is also called the Soul ofMedicine. What is this favourable for? - giving teachings; - carrying out rituals to honour deities; - officiating in certain types of sacraments; - honouring local guardians, the good ones. ; 68 - entering a house for the first time; - the working of gold, silver and precious stones; - divinations like; - dealing with astrology; - travel; - giving explanations of a scientific nature; - holding important celebrations; - building a dam or similar; - getting to know someone or something 'intimately'; - planting trees.

If you have to carry out an evil action while using this power then this is a favourable day; - doing a Ted, one of the worst of the Thu rites which brings destruction on generation after generation; - doing a Sormedpa: Sor is a kind of rite which is very frequent in Tan­ trism. When one is very much disturbed then to send this away and fi2 reply to the one who sent the disturbance, to send back the negative energy to where it came from, you carry out a Sor. In this ritual the objects which caused the evil are consumed as a symbol of sending away the negativity.

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