By Natan Sharansky

ISBN-10: 1586486519

ISBN-13: 9781586486518

Who's larger ready to confront demanding situations and protect rules in a risky glossy international? people with robust nationwide, spiritual, ethnic, or tribal identities who settle for democracy, or democrats who resign identification as one of those divisive prejudice?

Natan Sharansky, construction on his own event as a dissident, argues that worthless cosmopolitanism, even in democracies, is harmful. higher to have adverse identities framed by way of democracy than democrats detached to identity.

In a full of life insightful problem to the left and correct alike, Natan Sharansky, as he has proved time and again, is on the cutting edge of the problems that body our time.

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Against whom? Can God exist if he is respon­ sible, if he allows what our values condemn as a mon­ strosity? Camus said no. We are alone in the universe; our human fate is to hurl an eternal defiance at blind inhuman forces, without the comfort of having an ally somewhere, without any metaphysical foundation. But perhaps if not God, there is a goddess who walks through battlefields and concentration camps, penetrates prisons, gathers every drop of blood, every curse? She knows that those who complain simply do not understand.

His wish to react may indeed lead him to find even numbers where there are none. Caught in this oscillation, his attention is no longer pure. If the complexity of the calculations demands his total attention, inevitably he will make many mistakes - even if he happens to be very intelli­ gent, very brave and deeply attached to the truth. What should he do? It is simple. If he can escape from the grip of the people who wield the whip, he must run away. If he could have evaded his tormentors in the first place, he should have.

S I M O N E WE I L Thus the inner light of evidence, this capacity of perception given from above to the human soul in answer to its desire for truth, is discarded or reduced to discharging menial chores, instead of guiding the spiritual destiny of human creatures. The force that impels thought is no longer the open, unconditional desire for truth, but merely a desire to conform with pre-established teachings. That the Church established by Christ could thus, to such a large extent, stifle the spirit of truth (in spite of the Inquisition, it failed to stifle it entirely - because mysticism always afforded a safe shelter) is a tragic irony.

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