By Armando Torres

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A not-doing that is exaggerated will automatically lose its power and become a doing. "If what we want is to accumulate deep silence with a lasting effect, the best not-doing is solitude. Together with energy saving and abandoning those who consider us 'facts', learning how to be alone is the third practical principle of the path. "The warrior's world is the most solitary thing there is. Even when several apprentices unite to travel the routes of power together, each one knows that he is alone, that he cannot expect anything from the others, nor can he depend on anybody.

But today's warriors prefer less risky and more controlled conditions. "The same results produced by power plants can be obtained when we are up against the wall. Facing extreme situations, like danger, fear, sensorial saturation, and aggression, something in us reacts and takes control: the mind becomes alert and automatically suspends its chatter. Deliberately creating that situation is called stalking. "However, the favorite method of warriors is recapitulation. Recapitulation stops the mind in a natural way.

In another talk, he referred to a method designed by the new seers, which can be helpful in the exercise of recapitulation. Me stated: "One of the tasks of sorcerers is to constantly analyze the insinuations of the spirit. " He explained that the advantage of this technique is that when we write, we detach ourselves from things and events, at least to a minimal extent, and thus we are able to focus on them with more objectivity. "It is not about describing our daily routines, but of being attentive to the strange moments in which intent is manifested.

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