By Haribhaṭṭa, Michael Hahn

ISBN-10: 4906267580

ISBN-13: 9784906267583

"The current editio minor of ten legends from Haribhaṭṭa's Jātakamālā is intended to serve a twofold goal. First, in its shorter and no more bold from of presentation, its rate of construction could be average and ...may achieve a much broader readership. Secondly, even though aesthetically much less enjoyable than Devanagari, the Romanized model will surely be more uncomplicated to learn for all non-Indian enthusiasts of the Sanskrit kavya literature. Contents: creation, the Sanskrit textual content, index of verses, index of verses of the Śākyasiṃhajātaka. chosen version readings. Prefatory topic (50 p.) in English; textual content in romanized Sanskrit.

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The earliest known examples of a full-fledged rhyme in Sanskrit literature are, of course, Jayadeva's Gltagovinda and, in the field of Buddhist literature, the 25 stanzas of Carpati's Avalokitesvarastotra which is available not only in its Sanskrit original42 but also in three independent Tibetan translations. In this hymn the rhyme is not coincidental as in the case of the stanzas quoted from Haribhatta's Jatakalnala but a deliberate structural principle which is used throughout. , since the oldest among the three Tibetan translations was done at that time.

78 ? 23a9 29a279 - *la1 *8a9 *10b6 JMAS t (C) 253b4 258b6 263b6 268b4 273b6 279a5 284b3 291b3 298b5 311b5 320a4 335a1 349b1 359b1 JMAS 2 (C2) JMAS 3 (C 3) 115b3 117b7 119b9 121b13 124a6 126b3 128b13 131b13 134b12 140a3 144a2 150a9 156b10 161a9 215b11 220a4 224a10 228b2 232b10 237b1 241b9 247b1 253a4 263a8 270a8 282b6 294b6 301a9 ASS (D) 57a1 63b4 71a2 78b1 85b5 94a1 101b6 I11b1 121al ~ ::1 l"""t' """t 0 0.. c (j l"""t' o· ::1 137b78O 7RIn A 21 folios 15-19 are missing. Fol. 14b ends in stanza 27b of the Hastijtitakn, fol.

5H The range of the primary and secondary literature relating to this topic is so vast that it is impossible to give all the necessary bibliographic references in the context of this publication. Introduction 41 Some of the features of early campu literature have been discussed by authors like J. S. SPEYER,59 A. K. WARDER,60 K. KLAUS/M. HAHN,61 Ratna BASU62 and myself. 63 As a rule, all these authors give only a few stray remarks on the distribution of prose and verse and their respective function.

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Haribhaṭṭa in Nepal: Ten Legends from his Jātakamālā and the Anonymous Śākyasiṃhajātaka by Haribhaṭṭa, Michael Hahn

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