By Curtis Scott

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King Azoun: AD 10; AR 3; Hits 10; CD 20"; MV 9" Farl Bloodaxe: AD 10; AR 4; Hits 6; CD 12"; MV 9" Lord Harcourt: AD 10; AR 4; Hits 5; CD 10"; MV 12" Vangerdahast of Cormyr: AD 8; AR 5; Hits 5; CD 8" ; MV 24"; Vangerdahast can use 2 1st, 2 2nd, 2 3rd, 2 4th, 1 5th, and 1 6th level spell. Earthfast Dwarf Heavy Infantry: AD 10*B; AR 6; Hits 2; ML 14; MV 6"; Second and third rank can attack in melee. When dwarves are engaged in melee combat with one of their hated foes, the enemy monsters suffer a +1 penalty to AR.

The Tuigan rout instantly reversed. The gnolls found themselves with Tuigan on three sides. Despite their numbers, they could not get at 1,000 archers who were too high and too fast to catch. Most of the gnolls died; the rest fled. ” Hyarmon Huzzilthar, Iron Lord of Rashemen Yamun Khahan left Thay and returned to his main force east of the Sunrise Mountains. Guided by the Red Wizards, he moved north along Golden Way trade route to Citadel Rashemar. Impervious to attack, the Citadel squatted over the trade route; its stone walls stood 25 feet above the Golden Way.

He had accompanied King Azoun on his visit to Yamun Khahan and the spells staving off his old age had collapsed when he entered the magic-dead area the Tuigan had chosen as their campsite. While Vangerdahast was unavailable, his second in command took up leadership of the War Wizards. The Tuigan approached the outnumbered Alliance in three lines of horsemen, three deep, and spread completely across the Golden Way. The Flow of Battle The first Tuigan assault was 15 minghans (15,000 men). Typically, the first assault was to gauge the archery of Yamun Khahan’s opponent.

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