By Heather Macallister

ISBN-10: 145920784X

ISBN-13: 9781459207844

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Her father looked pained. He was very good at looking pained. Kaia stood upright clutching a sports bra; it was the only clean underwear she’d found in the drawer. ” Her mother ignored him. ” “He goes by Royce now,” Kaia reminded them knowing her friend would always be Roy Dean to her parents. She stuffed the sports bra into her backpack along with her last clean pair of jeans. Actually most of her clothes were in the mesh hamper. Mentally shrugging, Kaia pulled the drawstring on it closed and prepared to take it all with her.

The weasel managed to sneer without moving his lips. ” Kaia asked suspiciously. ” The weasel began removing folders and papers from his briefcase. “Mrs. ” Talk about denial. “If so, she will not suspect Mr. ” “Tonight tonight? ” “No. ” Just across the river in Virginia, but still. She’d never been in that house. Trying not to be flattered that he thought so highly of her skills, Kaia shook her head at Tyrone. “I need time to study the floor plan and the security system, not to mention assemble any equipment I need.

Fabergé, or done in that style. Setting the steamer off to one side, Kaia picked up the flyer, that turned out to be an invitation to a dinner at the Lithuanian embassy that had been held a couple of weeks ago. ” Casper gave her a grim look. She gave him one right back. ” At least Casper wasn’t pretending any longer. He turned the laptop around so the screen faced her. ” The muscle bulged in Casper’s jaw as he clenched his teeth. Okay, enough baiting of the client. Kaia studied the article on the screen about the gift of the snuffbox from an American company to symbolize the opening of trade something or other that Kaia ignored because it wasn’t important.

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