By D.R. Humberto Vargas W.

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It is a science, because the setting up of a ch art is an exacting process for each factor has to be calculated. As an art, it depends on the as- 77 trologer's skill in inte rpreting th e chart. " Of palmistr y, Marten Ste inbach says in his book, Medical Palmisrry, "... " He goes on to say ".. " Now with the Tarot, the re are no exac t scienti fic calculations to interpret, no exact laws to follow, and no scientific methods or formulas to use. There are some hel pful guidelines but they have no proven scient ific basis.

This is one of the curious side effects of an intense psych ic reading . After th e reading, when th e drawing has stopped, the querent feels alert again. While various cards in th e spread may be guideposts for th e reader and rouse her int uition. I believe th eir primary purpose is to serve as an inte rmediary between th e reader and the querent, whereas, th e psych ic connec tion made by the reader to th e querent is acco mplished by the occult tech nique of drawing. Thus there is somewha t of a rotat ing exchange of ene rgies bouncing from th e reader to the cards to th e querent and back again.

Thus we hold on to many unnecessary things in our lives because of th e fear of what life wou ld be like without th em. We tell ourselves we need these things for our surviva l; th at our survival depends on keeping those things in o ur lives which hould really be discarded. Because of our fear of the unknown. we can - (bad) love relat ionsh ip o r a (bad) marriage. a job. rigid political o r rel igious beliefs. even hobbies or interests. Eventually and reluc tantly you had to let go of them. Perh aps you.

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La energia sexual by D.R. Humberto Vargas W.

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