By W. Burger, A. G. Corbet, J. H. Clough Smith, G. E. Earl

ISBN-10: 0080103170

ISBN-13: 9780080103174

Marine Gyro-Compasses and automated Pilots, A instruction manual for service provider army officials: quantity , automated Pilots is a reference booklet describing automated pilots and ancillary gear which are regularly utilized in British service provider Ships.
This guide discusses the makes use of, forms, and merits of computerized steerage, together with the several types of apparatus and compasses present in many service provider ships. The textual content explains intimately the parts of the automated Two-unit Gyropilot, the Gyro-Hydraulic guidance keep watch over, the Tiller Pilot, and the Gyro-Electric steerage keep watch over (all Sperry brand). This publication outlines how each one equipment is operated and maintained, in addition to any attainable apparatus problems that may be encountered. This guide addresses all of the varieties of the Brown computerized steerage platforms, the final preparations, rules of operation, trouble-shooting, and upkeep of the gear. For smaller ships, the Sperry Magnetic Compass Pilot can be utilized simply because a transmitting magnetic compass bypasses the necessity for a gyro compass required in greater computerized pilots. This booklet describes the equipment of operation of the compass by using a series and sprocket force, a hydraulic strength unit, or electrically operated switches, therefore saving on expenses. This instruction manual additionally notes the parts, controls, and dealing rules of the Arkas computerized Pilot, and the categories of ancillary gear corresponding to the path Recorder and Off-Course Alarm.
This guide offers worthwhile info for service provider military officials, officials and group of workers of the British service provider Fleet, in addition to different officials of sea-going vessels.

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Steering can also be done automatically and in this case either the Sperry Gyro-Compass or Gyrosyn Compass (all of which are discussed in Volume I) is used in the operation of the Tiller Pilot Steering Control. A model of the bridge unit is shown in Fig. 1. W h e n steering by H a n d , movement of the tiller in the horizontal slot to either starboard or port will result in a corresponding movement of the rudder to approximately half the angle to which the tiller or control lever is set. T h e control lever has a total movement of 120° which corresponds to a " hard-over " to " hard-over " movement of about 60° of rudder.

W h e n the h a n d potentiometer has stopped rotating and the wiper of the rudder potentiometer is in the same relative position as the wiper of the h a n d potentiometer a null condition is created in the amplifier. T h e contactor coil in the control panel is de-energized and the drive motor control circuit is broken. i;:i l MECHANICA L t r>SL ^ HAND III»! TELENOTO R RACK S Φ(0 POTENTIOMETE R STEERIN G REPEATE R 1 f d ^^ ^ £ \ «^τι RUDDE R ORDE R φ:ιιι MASTE R COMPAS S ιιΐ'-φ o ? f ^ LTHJ PH <\ CONTRO L SWITC H BY-PAS S VALV E POTENTIOMETE R F*H COURS E TRIM KNO B w^m ir1 Ί& WEATHE R AND INITIA L RUDDE R CONTROL S INDICATO R LAM P DRIV E MOTOR S CONTRO L PANE L LIMIT SWITCHE S T Lllll RUDDE R POTENTIOMETER S H TELEMOTO R RECEIVE R \> Mil-4 ■> Ml MAGNETI C CLUTC H POWER UNI T RAC K T X STEERIN G ENGIN E VALV E GEA R STEERIN G ENGIN E | l #d FIG.

3) is energized by the port contactor coil, the two " lower " pairs of contacts close and the armature of the drive motor is energized and the drive motor starts. At the same time the two " upper " contacts open; one breaks the short circuit across the armature of the drive motor and the other one initiates the " initial rudder " adjustment circuit. 45 THE TILLER PILOT (SPERRY) A Θ B C D E F G ,/P3 i-*= -^aao^-viflöft^ CLU CR Θ POWE R UNIT CIRCUI T Pi Fa M «i RLf RL2 swa Θ SOLENOI D VALV E GEAR CIRCUI T L| L2 RL3 RL4 CLUTC H RADIO INTERFERENC E SUPPRESSO R SERIE S FIEL D (LIU POWE R UNI T ONLY ) SHUN T FIEL D DRIVE MOTO R ARMATUR E DYNAMI C BRAK E RESISTO R PORT CONTACTO R STARBOAR D CONTACTO R INTERLOC K SWITC H PORT SOLENOI D COI L D COI L STARBOAR D - SOLENOI PORT CONTACTO R STARBOAR D CONTACTO R FIG.

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