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MN is a median. E 1. HG = 22 and EF = 6. Find MN. M The sum of HG and EF is HG + EF; 22 + 6 = The median is the length of the sum of the two bases. MN = ​ _12 ​(HG + EF) = ​ _12 ​( 2. E = 105°; H = H F N G )= 4. EM = 18. Find NG 3. EF = 28 and MN = 30. Find HG 5. com 1/18/11 3:29 PM Name Date Diagonals in Parallelograms A parallelogram is a quadrilateral with both pairs of opposite sides parallel. In the parallelogram to the right, AB is parallel to DC, and AD is parallel to BC. A diagonal of a polygon is a segment that joins non–connective vertices.

A and X angles. are Angle or Side Measure Corresponding Angle or Side Measure Relationship AB 14 XY 7 14 ​ ___ ​= 2 7 A 53˚ AC 15 A 2. Based on the data above, A is ___ ​= 3. ​ AB XY ___ ​= and ​ AC XZ to X. ___ ​= ​ AC ___ ​? Does ​ AB XY XZ Are the corresponding sides of the triangles proportional? Use the data in the chart to complete the rule for triangle similarity. Side-Angle-Side Similarity If an angle of one triangle is to an angle of another triangle, these angles are in proportion, then the and the sides triangles are similar.

UZ = Finding VZ: XV is What is the relationship between XZ and VZ? XZ What can you conclude about VZ? Since XZ = 12, then VZ = 2. BE 4. AE 3. DB 5. indd 35 V of WU. the measure of WU. by WU. VZ A B E 7 D 8 C 35 1/18/11 3:29 PM Name Date Exterior Angles of a Polygon As you know, there is a relationship between the interior angles of a convex polygon. You know that the sum of the measures of the interior angle is (n – 2) = 180 , where n is the number of sides. There is a relationship between the exterior angles of a convex polygon.

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